Faber's Journey

On the flying carpet to coyote country. Cornelia's second story about little Faber and his Syrian friend Shaima still smells fresh off the press.

"I had so much fun writing "Faber's Treasure". It was not only a declaration of love to my former hometown Hamburg, but also to the wanderlust that grows while watching the ships come into Hamburg harbour. When my German publisher Aladin asked me for a sequel, I thought: 'Well, who could resist the prospect of new illustrations by Susanne Goehlich? And why not write another declaration of love? This time to my new home Malibu.

No sooner said than done. My wonderful Cuban assistant Angie found that the Malibu on Susanne's illustrations looks somewhat different from the real one (Angie has called it Venibu), but we love it anyway, and the sprit of my new home can be felt on every page.
I admit, I can't wait to come up with a third Faber adventure. By the way, Faber is named after my son's best friend. Faber and his family were our neighbours when we lived in Hamburg."
Unfortunately the Faber books have not been translated yet, but if you like to see them published in English, send us an email: mail@corneliafunke.com


zaire williams on 15 November, 2017

really good illustrations