... that is how we call our little, chubby colleague and you can call him that, too.

He is here for your questions and comments.

Katherine Liu on 21 April, 2018

Hello Insa and Guesty! I've never attended any chats before and I would like to know if all chats are at the same time? I live in Sydney and cannot attend this chat as it is in 3-4 am in my time zone... (...) Can you please tell what it's like and if the ones in the future will suit my time? Thank you!

Hi Katherine, I guess we have to offer different English chats in the near future, so that every time zone can be supported. It is quite difficult, because there will always be someone living somewhere, who won't be able to take part.  

Linda on 20 April, 2018

Dear Cornelia Funke, I wanted to write to you to let you know that I really enjoyed your book "Inkheart". In this book I really liked the way you made Dustfinger bad and good. He went back and forth. It was very interesting. I also liked the way Mo and Meggie were always thinking about each other. Even though they could not see each other. I could almost feel the connection. I wonder what will happen in the next books. Sincerely, Linda

E.M.B on 18 April, 2018

Hi I would like to know if Cornelia funke is thinking of a totally new and original book not involving the ink or mirror books ?Do publishers set the writer a deadline for the story?How many authors have breathing books supported ?When will the be an ink section on the website. Is there a full map of the inkworld including adderheads castle and the castle in the lake. I don't know if my previous entry had gone through and I apologise if you are receiving this again With all words' respect E.M.B

Cornelia is always thinking of other books, but she is not sure whether she will have time to write it.

El on 17 April, 2018

Thank you so much for writing all these wonderful stories, they helped me cope with autopsy and depression and cured my autopsy. I made a lot of friends with people who enjoy your works, so im really grateful to you.

Thank you so much for the beautiful compliment, El. Warmest wishes from Germany, Insa and Guesty

Abinash on 13 April, 2018

Hello Insa! I would like to know if the book The Colour of Revenge is completed yet by Cornelia.

No, Abinash, the book will not come out before 2019.

Schattentanzer on 13 April, 2018

Has Cornelia ever used National Novel Writing Month to help her complete one of her books? Oh, and if there are any other young writers reading this, I'd recommend Camp NaNoWriMo for help getting your current story or writing project done, if you're a little stuck. (Either Camp or full-on NaNoWriMo) NaNoWriMo is in November (I think) and Camp is in both April and July. They are technically just free programs where you have a daily word count goal that you try and reach by midnight every day for a month. It doen't matter how well the writing is done, and spelling doesn't matter either. The only difference between Camp NaNo and NaNo itself, is that on NaNoWriMo, the pre-set word count goal is 50,000 words, and for Camp NaNo you can set your own goal. It's really fun. Thanks, -Schattentanzer/Shadowdancer

No, Schattentaenzer, she has not needed help so far. If she gets stuck on a story, she takes a walk on the beach - most preferably with her daughter Anna.

Schahad on 11 April, 2018

Guten Tag In der Schule lesen wir zurzeit sehr viel, dann bin ich auf das Buch "Herr der Diebe" getroffen und habe es direkt angefangen zu lesen. Es ist sehr dick, aber auch sehr spannend. Meine Frage war wie lange das so gedauert hat bis sie das Buch "Herr der Diebe" fertig geschrieben haben. Ich hab das heute in Deutschunterricht gefragt sie hat gesagt, das sie das nicht weiss, ich mir aber die Frage merken soll. Ich finde es wirklich sehr interessant

Hallo Schahad, herzlich willkommen in Cornelias Gästebuch Cornelia hat damals so ungefähr ein halbes Jahr für das Buch gebraucht. Die Idee zur Geschichte hatte sie übrigens in Venedig. Cornelia liebt Venedig, besonders im Herbst und Winter, we...Read more

E.M.B on 11 April, 2018

Does cornelia plan her storys if she has an idea (chapter by chapter) or does she just start to write when a good idea pops up

Its a mixture, E.M.B. She mostly prepares the first chapters, but then the story goes its own way.  

Eda on 11 April, 2018

Thank you for the wonderful Inkheart trilogy cause they're my favorites since I was 14 till now im 23... Well they're gonna be my favs forever. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Welcome to Cornelia's guestbook, Eda!

Romina Valdés on 11 April, 2018

Hello! I would like to start by saying I love the Inkworld! And I love the idea hat its connected to the Mirror world... so I would like to know, where can I find the short story about a book bound in silver that is the reason for all the silver tongues in the world? Is it already in English? Thanks in advance!

Hi Romina, we will post the story on Cornelia's website soon.

Maia on 10 April, 2018

Oops! I just saw that you answered the same question that I just posed a few entries below! Sorry. -Maia

Maia on 10 April, 2018

Hello Insa! I was wondering if there is a specific section for the Inkworld books on the website... Also, I have heard that the Mirrorworld is the Inkworld, just a few years after / before the Inworld trilogy. Is that true? Thanks! -Maia

No, not yet, Maria, but we will add an Inkworld and Dragon Rider section soon. As to your second question, yes, it is true. The Inkworld is about 500 years older than the Inkworld. Springtime greetings from Germany, Insa and Guesty

Gregory Cotton on 4 April, 2018

Why is the Inkheart trilogy so detailed and so long?

You have to find the answer to that yourself, Gregory

E.M.B on 4 April, 2018

Thanks it seems that i have much of catching up to do, anyway i would like to ask another question. I would like to ask that if i have created a mystery that i myself cannot solve but still know that the mystery is quite solvable how do i solve it not going the wrong way at it like Mr Carrol did.

Wait for the mystery to reveal its secret. Some mysteries don't want to be pressed...

Joelle Marie on 4 April, 2018

Hi, I wanted to thank Cornelia for taking me on this wonderful journey into the Mirrorworld again and again. I don't know how often I read those books and every time when I finished one of them, I realized that I didn't want it to end. I'm looking forward with so much anticipation to read the next part of this story, but the I become sad because I really don't want it to end, not yet. Actually never! Even if this question might be a little bit silly I'm gonna ask it. So I wanted to ask if there is any deleted material of The Mirrorworld stories or of the Inkworld books, and if Cornelia has ever thought of just putting those things together in a book. (I'm really interested in seeing how this would look with material of the Inkworld!!) I know that there is a book called Mirrorworld and i also read it (which was awesome!) but I would love to see more of it, if time permits. Best regards, Joelle

Dear Joelle, actually, the Mirrorworld is really the Inkworld just a few hundred years earlier. Cornelia wrote a short story about a book bound in silver that is the reason for all the silver tongues in the world - and for the magic trapped in Fenogl...Read more

Anna on 3 April, 2018

Cornelia, I just wanted you to know that even I had put down Lord Of The Rings to Read the Inkheart Series. You are one of my Favorite Writers And my hero for showing once you set your mind to something you can do it. Thank you so much.

E.M.B on 3 April, 2018

hello i would like to know what writers and books does Miss Cornelia like the best

Hi E.M.B., have a look HERE

FTK on 1 April, 2018

hi remember me? i posted a comment way back in october i suppose or was it december? forgive me i cant really remember well i have by chance stumbled upon a world and its characters i know what happens to them and their stories but whenever i try to write the story down i think what a terrible beginning this is and tear it out of my notebook i am getting really fed up with this and im afraid im going to tear up every story i write for the rest of my life do you have any tips about writing a good beginning and is it better to write in the characters perspectives or the authors? warmest wishes from FTK

Hi FTK, this is what Cornelia can recommend: You have to have patience and collect ideas about something you're really passionate about. Characters you want to talk about and that readers would want to read about. Then collect ideas for places in th...Read more

jack on 28 March, 2018

I have 2 questions and it might be stupid. What makes a writer a good writer? What makes there writing better than they already have it? thanks Jack.

Dear Jack, this is what Cornelia can tell you about writing: "I think you have to have patience and collect ideas about something you're really passionate about. Characters you want to talk about and that readers would want to read about. Then colle...Read more

E.M.B on 27 March, 2018


Yes, it is, E.M.B. The German original edition will probably come out in 2019. We will keep you posted here on Cornelia's website.

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