Madeline Morse

A Dragon Experience

Madeline MorseMarch 4, 2013

I got the names Dr. Drake, Weasel, Jamal, Torcher, and the place St. Leonard’s Forest at Dr. Drake wrote himself.  I am giving Dr. Drake credit for the names because he is the one that came up with them. Out of the dragon book, that he wrote.

One day at Castle Drake...
“Torcher!  Get back here!” That was Amelia, calling Torcher back to his lair.  
Amelia, Theresa, Jonathan, Sheri and I were at Castle Drake for the year and Torcher was already getting up to no good stealing our precious gems and shiny medals from the last year with Dr. Drake. My name’s Madeline, by the way…   

When I got to Jamal’s compound, I threw the ball to Jamal so we could start the game.  
Instead Jamal grabbed the ball and threw it past St. Leonard’s forest. I cried out to the other kids so we could spread out to catch the ball. After we got back with the ball, Dr. Drake took us out to see Jamal again.

“It turns out that Jamal just wanted to play,” Dr. Drake told us.
“Well, what if Jamal is old enough to release into the wild?” Theresa asked him.  

“Well...  maybe he is ready,” Dr. Drake replied.

“ Why, why, why!” I thought.

“ I’m going to go see Weasel.” Sheri told us, with a frown.

We all agreed. Weasel is the local knucker that lives here and is very easy to track. She always leaves a trail of purple venom after she gobbles up full grown rabbits. We had tracked Weasel, but now we had to get her to say goodbye to Jamal. Weasel was very sad to hear that Jamal was leaving, so she went and gave Jamal thirty plump kangaroos that she had caught for him when she had visited Africa two weeks ago and laid down right next to Jamal.  

That day... That day Weasel was heartbroken. We all were worried about Weasel. She wouldn’t even talk to us during lunchtime.  She just sat down and stared at her bowl full of rabbits and didn’t even look at us! So we brought her to Dr. Drake.

Dr. Drake was not surprised this would happen. He checked Weasel’s body, heart, lungs and breathing.

Theresa and I stood patiently outside Dr. Drake’s nurse room. When he came out, Theresa asked him, “How’s Weasel doing?”

Dr. Drake looked back at the nurse room and sighed, “She’s  grieving that Jamal has to go, but give her time, she’ll go over it soon. I’m afraid her breathing is slowing down. I gave her medicine so she’ll sleep,” Dr. Drake looked at me, and then Theresa again, “Girls, Weasel is in distress. She’s in bad shape right now, but she’ll need a lot of support from you two. I trust you two would comfort her later. There is nothing I can help you with now. Have a nice day ladies.”  

Then Dr. Drake bowed his head and went inside the nurse room again. Theresa turned to me and said, “I’m so worried about Weasel!” I nodded in agreement.

“Me, too.”

“Maybe we can  just let Jamal stay for a little while with Weasel?” I suggested.

“I’m... I’m not sure,” Theresa looked at me with a disbelieving expression.

“You’re not sure!” trying to change the subject, I told my friend, “I’m going to the new lab we created.” I set off, without a backward glance, worried that Weasel might never speak again to us.  
Four Hours later...

“Weasel just woke up.” Dr. Drake told me. “And she asked me if she can go with Jamal.  
I told her she can’t and wept again.”

Suddenly, Weasel came up to us and said, “I decided to stay here until I can go into the wild with Jamal,” then she looked at Dr. Drake. “Master, please let Jamal visit here at least twenty times a year so we can have fun together?”  Dr. Drake looked surprised but answered,

“Alright, but only twenty times a year.”