Winston Setiawan

Dracology - An Introduction

Hi Insa/Cornelia!I will send you two pages of scripture I wrote, just for the awesome Dragonrider 2. A tribute I suppose. If you can, post it up on the stories section or even the writing house times :) Thanks! Winston

"For you Dragon Riders out there..."


Well, I'm quite thankful that you have spent your time to read this. For you quick information, this isn't some kind of story. Wait, wait, don't close the page. This is some information you might also want to figure out. A long lost piece of knowledge people has never figured out of. After all, the title sounds neat, doesn't it? You can say this is a textbook, but I would say, a deep dive into adventure. And the mystery all behind them.

From when I was young, I have my passion on these vile creatures. The passion to learn them, and to study them through. They feel important, and I respect that matter of fact. And my passion does not only go until that far. I love them like I love myself. They are like my alternate guardians. My protector for the world. With some research, I have finally managed to figure out the true meaning of them.
Truthfully, I even manage to see them, talk to them. I'll explain that later.

Now that I have experienced this. It's my turn to give it to you. If it's possible, people can even make it as an international subject. We'll just need to wait and see in the future. The main subject of knowledge of the dragons, the famous fantasy, the wide-ranged legacy, Dracology.

"This is me, and I cannot change who I am."

Legacy itself says it, they're living reformation occurs. And yet, until now, they're quite famous among our society, our world. We can all know them, finding them in certain books, monasteries, paintings, and all others. But though, we haven't answered the true question: Do they really exist?

For an introduction, I will tell you that, they are truly among our existence. Now you may be thinking, "Where?" Yes. They are in another world, maybe far or near our own Earth, or even the Milky Way Galaxy.  But I feel that they also live in our Earth. Now that is quite impossible don't you think? Dinosaurs are extinguished, now dragons are in our world? No, not at all impossible. They still live in our world, I can tell you that. Not because that I can see them visually, or in my dreams, or sense them. It is because, we have not yet discovered this whole Earth. So now, we have not known what has been created has been discovered.

Now, a real introduction to Dracology. Well, if you think of it, 'draco' arrives from the word dragon, and -logy is a kind of study. Basically, Dracology is the study of dragons. Easy as pie. But what have you known about dragons? Are they, large? Small? Scaly? feathered? Good? Evil? A destroyer? Or a kind fellow? If you really read that much science fiction books, or young adult novels, yes, you know what they look like. They are the wild, the mighty, the fierce, the killer, the destroyer.
Or basically, the antagonists. But some books also claimed the dragons as protagonists: 'Dragon Rider Series' and 'Inheritance Cycle'. But I'm not talking of these books. I'm talking about the whole, wide-ranged society, figuring out the true meaning behind the dragon mythology. And that, we have to know about the facts of the dragons, what they look like or how large they truly are, or even they're death. Arriving with these facts will give us more clue to their existence, or even their purpose and their death.

Moreover, their existence cannot only be implied by a simple matter of words.
Like you, yourselves have seen, we have discovered false hoaxes of these certain matters. Instant sightings of these scaly creatures, either of them flying or in sight somewhere. We all can say that those are false, I agree. But the question behind them all, is why it is made in the first place? To prove the reality of dragons? But what is needed to be explained beyond that?

The word 'dragon' is derived from mythology, long time ago. They use to tell stories of the dragons. But, if you figured, why do they tell the stories? Why is it called 'dragon'? Why is it real from people hearing it? How can they know what dragons look like? This is because they really are there! We have just never seen it, for we weren't here at that time. The history can soon fade as time passes by, and can all the history of the world be (End of the World).

If you see in the internet. Dragon means: A legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features myths of many cultures. This is a true meaning, that dragons are legendary to our normal beings and they also have the traits of the reptilian family. Myths of them are now, of the past history we have lost throughout the time of man.

"And now today, we can still hear their echoes, roaring from the skies, searching for help. The rousing sound keeps me awake everyday, making me wonder what is next."

-Zubeida, the first dracologist


To be continued, "Dracology, the Complicated Prospect"...


Winston Setiawan

Jakarta, Indonesia