Juliana Kennedy

I opened the door. I was in a dark room. I switched on the lights and discovered that the whole room was made of glass. There was a statue of a gorgeous maiden looking at a beautiful mirror. There was no one.

The maiden was wearing a locket and two pretty earrings which were entirely made of diamond. I was trying to get a closer look but then the lights switched off.

“What do you want?” a female voice asked me.

“Who are you?” I replied. “I was only taking a closer look at your necklace when suddenly the light switched off…”

“I’m Juliana Kennedy. I was the youngest daughter of the owner of this mansion. I died when I was aged 26 and this statue was built in my memories. I love to look at the mirror and see my gorgeous face. But sadly, I died of suffering from brain cancer and became a ghost. Do you like this necklace?”

“Yes” I said.

Juliana told me, “Then please close your eyes and you will get a nice surprise.”

Then the voice stopped. I closed my eyes and when I them, the light was on and I was wearing the same necklace which the maiden wore.