Memories of Tolkiens Tales

I’m sitting here, beneath the stars,
to see what they’ve become,
while I was there, got many scars,
‘til finally I got home.
I fought with them, cried many tears,
and saw the shadows rise,
But also I have faced my fears,
and saw light with my eyes.
I’ve laught with them, sung many songs,
was on their journies, proud,
I know where all the love belongs,
in this massive crowd,
I’ve been no council in theire needs,
neither did I fight,
but they gave me priceless seeds,
to grow things that are right.
I felt with them, felt pain and love,
been there and back again,
Was always watching from above,
memories that remain.
I lived with them, and understood,
what they have been through,
I have wanderd every single wood,
far into the unknown blue.
I hoped with them, found treasures old,
and experienced fear,
And all the wise things they have told,
I kept allways near.
I opend doors, to different tales,
to see what it would be,
was following many trails,
but theirs ment the most to me.
I wandered to the lonely mountain,
swam in gold and fire,
they where my Inspiration fountain,
guided me back to the shire.
And to Mordor I brought the ring,
and felt the evil there,
Saw how Aragorn became a king,
And Frodo left with curly hair.
For you they are stories, they aren’t real,
but for me they remain,
Thing so beautiful that I feel,
Flowers blooming in my Brain.
Time will pass and I’ll get old,
while they will stay the same,
stay in the story that was told,
walking on those distant shores.
Again, memories that remain.