Winston Setiawan


The source of intelligence
The start of knowing
The power that is against
All the evil minions growing

Reading makes us clever
We can know more words
Our vocabulary won't be in terror
It will never make us nerds

Reading makes us creative
We would make better comprehensions
Our ideas would be explosive
To be set off in different tensions

Reading gives us hope
To lead on our lives
It will give us rope
To get out of the mines

Reading makes us cheat
The books where every cheat lies
To victory from defeat
To kings from flies

But that is not all
For books can harm us
It will make us fall
It will make us poisonous

But reading is balanced
Where good and bad comes along
They can all be danced
They can all sing a song

Reading is a strong subject
We cannot forget
For we cannot reject
Without it, we are just puppets

The heart of stone relieved
From reading through the pages
None shall be deceived
None shall start rages

The love of books enters us
From the pages to the authors
One goal to be a book author
Be a book eater and explore