Ashley Rideout

The Toy Maker

In the mansion in the east
There is a toy maker.
He is a widower,
Caring for two young girls.
He creates dolls for his daughters
Out of love and stitches;
Dolls of people he has seen
In his days as a traveller.
Where did he go?
What did he experience?
Only his dolls could tell you that.
But alas, they could not talk of course.
So his daughters began to create
Stories of incredible power.
Stories of magic,
All using the dolls that their father made.
But those dolls were not ordinary.
They were enchanted
By the spirit of their mother
Who was a fortune teller.
But that, of course, they did not know.
So the tales they spun using the dolls
Became incredible adventures elsewhere.
Where is elsewhere, you ask?
Well, if I told you,
It wouldn’t be a secret anymore,
Would it?