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It is hard,

To accept.

Very hard,


I set all my feelings on one card,

Took out my pink sunglasses,

And just saw your smile.

But with a few words,

You snatched the sunglasses off,

And the world turned grey.

With all my strength and hope,

I embraced this one little straw.

But I have to accept,

Also when I don’t know how,

When it hurts,

Hurts so much,

When I want to ask you every day again:

“Please, could you love me?!”

But I have to accept,

Because it’s your life too.

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Katie am 10. Mai 2019

Das ist richtig schön. Wirds noch mehr geben?

Teresa Fünkchen am 9. Mai 2019

Sehr cool!

C.D am 6. Mai 2019


Minna am 5. Mai 2019