The Great Ghastly Adventure

Geschrieben von Bon45, Melissa


I and Melissa met at each others home to write this story. It's a joint story. I hope you like it! With much love, Bon45

The Old Castle (by Bon 45)

On top of a very tall hill, there was a very old castle. Everybody thought it was haunted.

One day, three brave travellers decided to explore the place.

“But we must be very careful!” said Insa, who was the eldest and the bravest of three.

“You bet!” said Bon, who didn’t mean that at all. She was a daredevil!

Melissa smiled sweetly and said, “It’d be nice if there’s a black cat! I looooveee cats!”

The three of them laughed and got quickly ready. That very night, they left.

It was a cold full-moon night. Near the castle hill, there was a large cold mist. Bats flew in the sky.

“Ooooh,” said Bon, “I love horror stories.”

“Me too!” said Melissa.

“Shhhh…” said Insa, “Do you hear that?”

“Hear what?” asked Bon and Melissa together.

“Stay quiet and listen…” said Insa and placed a protective hand on both the girls’ shoulders.

As they stayed silent, they could hear a faint galloping near the castle. And the low neighing sounded behind the towers.

“Hey, look! There’s a staircase! I bet it leads to the castle!” said Bon and without waiting for a reply, ran towards it.

“Wait, Bon!” Insa called after her, a bit worried. But what use? Bon had already entered in the big castle gates!

“Uh-oh! Trouble…” said Melissa, quite dramatically, “Yeah and adventure!!”

She ran behind them too, more happy than scared.

When she reached the castle gates, Insa was already there in the garden, panting. She looked a bit tensed.

“What happened, Insa?” asked Melissa.

But before anyone could reply, a strange wind blew and suddenly came a click! The door was locked!

Melissa ran over to it and tried to shake it open… but it won’t budge!

“Oh no!” she cried, “We are trapped!”

“Bon? Where are you Bon?” shouted Insa. She ran over to the main entrance but there was no sign of the wild girl!

Suddenly they heard a faint, sad, sound of singing. It seemed to come from the top of the tallest tower.

“Could it be Bon?” asked Melissa.

They tried to clearly spot the girl but could only see a pale sad face, shining beautifully in the moonlight.

The sound of the horses came again, this time closer…

“Bon? Is that you?” Insa shouted.

No reply, again. As if the girl had disappeared in the air. Where was she?!

The Mysterious People (by Melissa)

The sound of horses mixed in the thin air. It was cold there but still Insa was sweating.

“Maybe Bon is playing a hide and seek with us. She is a fun type of girl.” Melissa said.

“I smell danger in the air.” Said Insa, bravely, “We must check the top room.”

They went inside the castle shouting for Bon.

A large dusty hall stood in front of them. Insa made through her way through the flight of stairs.

“Melissa, please follow me.” Said Insa.

“Bon, where are you? Can you hear us?” They shouted until they have reached the second floor.

A black raven came to them and cawed.

“Hey, who is lost? That beautiful girl in the garden? I will help you all to find her.” He said and changed into a handsome man.

“Who beautiful? I am the most beautiful, but after Insa.” Melissa said.

“Anyway, let’s find her. Follow me.” Said the man. “My name is Crowbar,”

Everyone followed him. He was quick as a raven.

Then he stopped in front of a room. He pushed the door and inside sat a tall, young lady.

“Wither, can you help us?” asked Crowbar. Then Insa told her all what happened.

“I hope Bon is all right now.” Said Insa.

“No tension, I will save that dear young lady.” Said Crowbar.


“Wither got hurt!” Said cackle, a witch who was sitting beside her with flaming red hair.

“Cackle, do you know, Grim is now with Blossom.” He said.

“What a nice love story between Grim and Cackle.” Melissa said to Insa.

Then Cackle and Wither spoke out, “Ok, we will help.”

Everyone went outside of the room. A mischievous male laughter can be heard.

“That must be Chuckle.” Cackle said as they walked.

While going, Insa prayed about Bon. She was really a CARING PERSON.

“Let’s go and search this whole castle.” Said Wither.

The castle had candlesticks hanging from the roof and a large bat chandelier.

It had a spooky feeling but Insa was not thinking about any ghost. She was only thinking about Bon!

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