The Wild Chicks

A gang summer, as warm and soft as chicken feathers...

Did you know that Cornelia once kept chickens? They lived in a small shack in her garden in Hamburg. They had names like Felicity and Guinevere and Insa… Yes, like me. Back then I could pick one of the newly hatched fledglings and name it. Cornelia's husband Rolf used the hens' eggs to prepare pancakes in the evening. Some with apples, others just topped with sugar. Pancakes are, by the way, one of the rare recipes Cornelia could handle (by now she cooks regularl). She is not nearly as fond of cooking as she is of writing, so she will most likely never ever write a cookbook.

The Wild Chicks were born on a summer's day in the 1990s, when Cornelia and her editor were sitting in Cornelia's garden. The editor asked Cornelia if she could write a story without fantasy elements, that is, without fairies, ghosts, pirates, or the like. "That must be boring," she thought, but then she sat down and created the popular Wild Chicks girl gang.

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