Thursday, 18 August, 2016

Atmende Buecher

Cornelia's own audiobook label in Hamburg, Germany.

The German Wahnsinn Team (Photo: Michael Orth)

Cornelia has ventured into self-publishing. Together with Eduardo García, owner of the Hamburg sound studio "German Wahnsinn", she co-founded the audiobook label ATMENDE BUECHER to publish all her future stories.

Cornelia at the German Wahnsinn sound studio (Photo: Tim Ohnsorge)


Cornelia's new independent label benefits from García's 20 years of experience in audiobook production. 

Besides, García and his team composed the music for Cornelia's Mirrorworld books and for her German Reckless reading tours. 

They start with two or three productions a year.

In addition, they record Cornelia reading from her books.

The very first audiobook release was "Die Feder eines Greifs" (The Griffin's Feather), published simultaneously with the print version (Dressler Verlag) in September 2016.



Photo: Michael Orth

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