Igraine the Brave

Cornelia wrote Igraine after Dragon Rider had been published. Actually the story was intended to become a quite short story ... but suddenly she was stuck in a world of giants, dragons and grimoires, that can’t keep their hands off jam – though it makes their pages stick together.

I so much enjoyed telling of Igraine, who would rather become a knight than a magician like the rest of her family, of how her parents accidentally turned into pigs and the Sorrowful Knight of the Mount of Tears helps Igraine and her brother Albert to defend their parents’ castle from Osmond the Greedy.

So what about a trip to Pimpernel Castle? Can you hear the stony lions roar on the castle’s battlement?



Age 9 + • Published 2007 • 224 pages • Chicken House   Available at IndieBound.org



Read by Xanthe Elbrick • Unabridged Compact Disc • Published by Random HouseAvailable at IndieBound.org

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