Tuesday, 11 October, 2016

Knitted Underwater Heroes



In May 2017, Cornelia's underwater adventure story "Lilli and Fin are swimming to America" will be published by RandomHouseKids. Next to Cornelia's original illustrations, the book will include pictures of some charming knitted dolls by Rabbit Hole Knits designer Sara Elizabeth Kellner.

Being an avid knitter herself, Cornelia loves knitting away while watching her favourite TV series or taking the needles from her bag while waiting for her flight.

How about you? Are you a wool addict, too? Then we have something for you. Below you find Sara's knitting patterns for the story's characters Lilli, Fin, the Lampfish, and the Octopus. We would be glad to see your own wool works, so feel free to send us pictures: mail@corneliafunke.com





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