Tuesday, 23 August, 2016

Saving Mississippi on big screen

In summer 2006 Cornelia’s book "Saving Mississippi" was adapted for the cinema. Director Detlev Buck tells you why he wished to make this film.


Mississippi, or something Ilke that, that's how that river in America is spelled, right?

Now then, why this film?

Such kind of film soothes me. Apart from that, I can't watch films like Harry Potter with my daughters Emma and Klara, for they overexcite them. So we stay at home watching Lasse Hallström's "All us children in Bullerby" in summer and "More about
all us children in Bullerby" in winter.
I love that dreamy world and so do Emma and Klara. That world belongs to the children and everything is safe, at least its foundation.

The grown-ups are sort of weird. Granted, Bullerby is set in 1929 and you can't create a comparable idyll.

Nevertheless, many of my very own slowly fading observations and experiences can slip into that simple but straight story and melt beautifully with real life in Rögnitz.
Even Hallström's 'Iowa' bears traces of Bullerby.

I think there's a lack of films vor Emma and Klara. Okay, I know some directors who have children themselves, and that's no reason whatsoever to make a film. But I'm sure that this strange combination of Mississippi, Funke, lake Schaalsee, Cajun music and my will to create a very special world which is worth preserving and you have to take responsibility for, provides the chance for something remarkable.




YEHAAAAAAA !!! Detlev Buck's "Haende weg von Mississippi" received the German award "Deutscher Filmpreis 2007" for "Best Children's Film".


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Reihaneh on 28 February, 2020

This book is not in Iran and this film sound is Germany and l understand Germany and this film does'nt have persian's translation

Khalid Simpson on 10 May, 2019

I like the book dragon rider when you get deeper in the book it gets interesting and one of my favourite characters is the rat named sorrel.