Friday, 19 August, 2016

 Die Wilden Hühner (C.H.I.X.) -
The Movie

World Premiere in Cologne

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It would have been paradise for them. Popcorn all around, on the floor, on the seats – oodles of it. Sweet or salty, for every taste, and free for the guests. The hens themselves, however, obviously have not been informed of that. They preferred to stay in their cosy coop, with their feet in the cuddly straw, and their heads under each others bottoms – just like chickens do when it is as frosty as that Sunday in February 2006.

The C.H.I.X. in front of their caravanThey missed a lot, not only the popcorn. Maybe their "non-feathery sisters", who have all been at the premiere, will tell them about it.
Last spring the German girls Michelle von Treuberg, Lucie Hollmann, Paula Riemann, Jette Hering and Zsa Zsa Inci Bürkle were casted for the roles of the Wild Chicks.

On 29 January they finally had their great day: the world premiere of the movie Die Wilden Hühner in Cologne.

Driven up in black limousines, they walked over the red carpet as nonchalant as their grown-up colleagues do. On the red carpet, the Wild Chicks and the Pygmies were no longer rival gangs, but friends who share the experience of laborious, exciting, wonderful weeks of shooting.

While the actors were still busy giving interviews, inside the cinema was already crowded with exhilarated, twittering kids – until suddenly lights went out and Cornelia appeared on the huge screen. The filmmakers had visited her at her home in LA and shot a video message for the audience in Germany. Cornelia sent her regards to all the German Wild Chicks fans and thus opened the big-screen world premiere of Die Wilden Hühner.

The C.H.I.X. and the Piranhas


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