Wednesday, 14 September, 2016

Inkheart coming Home

In December 2015, Home Theatre in Manchester staged a very special Xmas present - "Inkheart", from page to stage.

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Cornelia attended one of the first performances and has been enchanted by the company's work. A nice opportunity for a winter journey to the North of England!

Here are some of the enthused reviewer comments:

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"It’s a sprightly, good-natured evening that vigorously celebrates the pleasures of reading and theatre." - The Guardian

"My seven-year-old's eyes lit up as the show opened to reveal a mountain of books as the focal point of the set." - Manchester Evening News

© Graeme Cooper"A fun night at the theatre for adults and children alike" - Weekend Notes

"All the children I could see seemed to absolutely love the performance.  There was laughter (in all the right places!), and at the end the children were the ones giving the loudest applause.  A show that appeals to everyone, theatre for young people with some very grown up ideas." - Quiet Man Dave


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