Friday, 26 August, 2016

Niklas Goodfellow on the stage of the Augsburger Puppenkiste
(Augsburg Puppet Box)

Wood-headed Christmas on stage in Augsburg, Germany

scene from "When Santa fell to earth" on stage of the Augsburger Puppenkiste 

Cornelia and I always get a warm feeling in the stomach, when we see the good old wood-head friends, because we associate fun and warmth with them. Therefore Cornelia was excited like a child, when the Augsburg puppeteers asked her to let them bring "When Santa fell to Earth" on stage.

The wood-head friends of the Augsburger Puppenkiste (Copyright: Augsburger Puppenkiste)Cornelia would have loooooved to attend the premiere at the famous Augsburg puppet theatre herself, but as she had just returned from her Tintentod reading tour through Germany, I went instead. I had a whale of time :- ) - and so had the rest of the audience. When the wooden box opened (that's how all the Puppet Box shows start: with the display of a wooden box, which opens like a double door to display the stage) and I watched Twinklestar gallopping through the stage sky, I was aglow with happiness.
Cornelia's letter to the Augsburger Puppenkiste
The children chuckled with joy at Rufflebeard and Fuzzbeard, Niklas Goodfellow's chronically crabby elves that swore their heads off on stage ("Smelly goblin burps!", "Oh, steaming reindeer poo!"), and the beautiful winter wonder stage design enchanted the audience. Not to mention the simply adorable puppets (of course also the mean ones such as the damnable Gerold Goblynch and his dreadful Nutcrackers, which reeled across the stage like undeads, clattering with their teeth.

After the show I was allowed to have a look behind the scenes.
All the characters of Cornelia's Christmas story dangled from the ceiling: Twinklestar, the white reindeer, Matilda, the elves ... and on the stage I found Goblynch, turned into chocolate

It was a very special visit to a very special theatre in Augsburg/Germany.


Chocolate Goblynch (Augsburger Puppenkiste)  "Hanging out" after the stage premiere  The theatre company

    Theatre director Klaus Marschall compliments Twinklestar on the successful performance

Character draft sheet Niklas Goodfellow (Augsburger Puppenkiste)  Character draft sheet Nutcracker (Augsburger Puppenkiste)  Character draft sheet Matilda (Augsburger Puppenkiste)

Character draft sheet Twinklestar (Augsburger Puppenkiste)  Character draft sheet Santa's elves (Augsburger Puppenkiste)  Draft sheet for Misty Close (Augsburger Puppenkiste)

CDraft sheet for Niklas' caravan (Augsburger Puppenkiste)  Draft sheet for the workshop (Augsburger Puppenkiste)  Character draft sheet for Yule Land (Augsburger Puppenkiste)


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