Cornelia Funke Baumhaus

Cornelia Funke Tree House

When Cornelia was a child, there was that magic day once a week, when she and her father went to the public library to borrow piles of new books. That library was built on stilts and had a spiral staircase. To Cornelia it looked like a tree house.

The old building is still there, on the very spot in Cornelia's German hometown Dorsten, though for a long time it did not accommodate Treasure Island, Villa Villekulla, Apache-chiefs or magic wardrobes, but only the city council's printing machines.

Then one day, the local newspaper's editorial staff and the mayor of Dorsten had an idea: what about turning the old library into a tree house again, filled with books, a place for readings and lectures and literary events ...

In April 2008, the mayor of Dorsten met Cornelia at her home in LA. He was soooo excited when he arrived at her house and did hardly dare to ring the doorbell. And then Cornelia opened the door in person - barefooted and with her dog Luna by her side. She was enthused about the project.

The old 'Baumhaus' had been cleared out and renovated, an association had been founded and the Cornelia Funke Tree House was officially inaugurated in June 2010. Cornelia’s hometown has gained a creative centre for children, young people and families, where they can read and write and perform Cornelia’s books on stage.

You can find all current events and news on the German Baumhaus website. And maybe one day you will visit that place and sit there on the stairs with a book, like Cornelia did back then, "scratching the neck of the old tree".