Bareface - Autistic Art

"It was my 10 year old daughter (and Cornelia's number one fan) Alice, who asked me to invite Cornelia Funke to Art of Inclusion. Alice was sure that she would join in.

"… and besides, she is a really good illustrator", my daughter told me while showing me one of her bestselling books.

No sooner said than done! I sent an email request to corneliafunke.com and got a "yes" back soon. Alice was over the moon, for Cornelia did not only promise to take part in AoI, but also to send book-eating Alice some signed copies. In short: a raving success.

Cornelia's contribution to my art project was given a place of honour in the September 2012 exhibition at the Tapetenwerk Leipzig - and also a place of honor in our hearts." (Gee Vero)