Ecologia Youth Trust

Ecologia Youth Trust is a small Scottish charity that supports disadvantaged youth in many countries of the world to realise their full potential. We believe every child deserves a loving home, a family and an education so that they can grow up to become fulfilled individuals who make a valuable contribution to their society.

Kitezh Children’s Community in Russia is an inspiring example of how children from the worst situations - abused, abandoned, neglected - can be healed of their early childhood trauma and find their place in the world, within a loving family and have meaningful careers and fulfilling lives.

Ecologia Youth Trust has supported this remarkable community since it began 20 years ago raising funds to build two foster family villages for orphans, providing professional training for the foster parents and education for the children.

Despite the amazing successes at Kitezh, sadly there are millions of children around the world growing up without the love and care of their families, whilst many more are at risk of separation from families due to poverty, disease and conflict. That is why we are using our skills and expertise to support such children in Georgia, Uganda, Kenya and Burma where we work with local organisations that share our aims and values and with whom we have built strong partnerships.