Wildpark-MV (Environmental Education Centre Guestrow)

Cornelia got to know (and love!) the wildlife park Guestrow in 2015, when they asked her to hold the laudation at their ceremony of the Environmental Prize for Literature (winner was Gill Lewis for her book "Moon Bear". The judging panel includes pupils from local schools in Guestrow.

The Wildpark-MV is a public and nonprofit organization,  which aims to present the visitors a respectful and sustainable relationship with nature. It combines local nature and animal welfare. All enclosures are designed as to meet the biological requirements of the animals and to come close to matching their natural habitats.

One of the park's most exciting experiences is the wolf camp, which includes night walks, campfire, wolf stories and, of course, the Guestrow wolves close-by.

You can find Nena, Nevin, Acon, Fred and Frode and all the other inhabitants on wildpark-mv.de.