wünschdirwas e.V. (Make a Wish)

On her German Inkdeath reading tour in November 2007, Cornelia became the patron of the German non-profit association wünschdirwas (Make a Wish).

wünschdirwas gives hope, strength and joy to children suffering from a life-threatening illness. A multitude of volunteers serve as wish granters, fundraisers, special events assistants and in numerous other capacities. They visit the children in the hospitals and children's clinics.

wünschdirwas finances its work through individual contributions, through dedicated patrons and sponsors. The volunteers talk quite open and empathetically with the children about their dreams and wishes, to get to know the children better and to give them an impression of the organization's work. When a child has confided his or her dream to wünschdirwas, with the agreement of parents, therapists and physicians they will go to any lengths to fulfill this dream.

The wish is just about anything the child desires: a ride with a fire engine, a meeting with his or her favourite celebrity or family vacations to special places.

wünschdirwas wants to fulfil the wishes of ill children, help them master the difficult time in Hospital and to help them not to loose the will for life.