On the Trail of Dragon Rider

12 years after the publication of Dragon Rider, the adventure continues. Do you remember how it all began?

Bad News

»Human beings are coming! You know what that means, you leaf-burrowing, mushroom-munching, shaggy-haired brownie? Humans are coming – coming here!« Suddenly all was deathly quiet.

A Big City
And A Small Human Being

There was some more rustling, and then a human boy crawled out from among the crates. Sorrel retreated in alarm. When the boy rose to his feet he was a good deal taller than she was. He stared incredulously at the brownie girl. And then he saw the dragon.

Gilbert The Ship's Rat

»Nobody knows where the Rim of Heaven lies. There are a few vague rumours about it, that's all. But the highest mountain range in the world is the Himalayas, no doubt of that. All the same, it won't be easy to find a safe route for a dragon to take.«

Professor Greenbloom Explains

»Around the same time, a colleague of mine, the famous Zubeida Ghalib, did go looking for the Rim of Heaven, but unfortunately she didn't find it. However, she knows more about dragons than anyone else in the world.« The professor looked at Firedrake. »Perhaps you ought to visit her. She's in Pakistan at the moment, and if you're going to the Himalayas, that's on your way.«

»Because this djinn knows the answer to every question in the world.« »Every question?«, asked Ben, sceptically. Barnabas Greenbloom nodded. »Why not fly to see him? Ask him where the Rim of Heaven lies. The way there will take you off your direct route, but I think it could be worth it. Here. You must go to the very end of the Arabian peninsula.«

The Djinn's Ravine

»Follow the river Indus and seek the images you saw in my eyes!« boomed Asif. »Seek the images. Enter the palace on the mountainside and break the moonlight on the stone dragon's head. When the day comes, twenty fingers will point the way to the Rim of Heaven, and silver will be worth more than gold.«


»Yes, the dragons are hiding in a cave,« he said slowly. »A wonderful cave deep within the mountain range known as the Rim of Heaven. We dug that cave for them – we, the Dubidai, the brownies of these mountains.«

The Rim of Heaven

Firedrake flew on. The nine white peaks forming the Rim of Heaven shimmered in the distance as if starlight clung to them.

The valley was even more beautiful than he had imagined it in his dreams. Firedrake gazed at the Rim of Heaven, looking down at the sea of blue flowers covered with moon-dew and breathing in the fragrance that rose from them. Then he closed his eyes – and felt the presence of other dragons nearby.

This story is for all who have the courage to protect instead of dominate, to save instead of plundering, and to preserve instead of destroying.

The adventure continues! You will meet Firedrake and Ben and all the others you have grown fond of again.

And ... hang on to your hats, they have even started telling Cornelia part three of their adventure.