Black Feathers: The Broken Horn

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This is another Black Feathers story... dedicated to my best Barn friend, Insa! I hope you all like it. :) With love, Bon45

It was a bright summer morning and only I and Insa were at home. Suddenly the doorbell rang and we ran outside.

Insa opened the door but there was nobody outside… except a small wooden box. There was a little note stuck to it written “To Lady Insa. Kindly help. From A Helpless Creature in Need.”

We quickly opened it. There was a small twisted horn, shining like stars and a little map.

I and Insa exchanged an urgent look.

“Let’s pack up,” said Insa, “We are going to save this poor creature wherever it may be. Be quick, Bon, get ready.”

In less than fifteen minutes’ time, we both were ready to go.

“Where does the map lead to, Insa?” I asked once we were outdoors.

“To Silver Woods,” said Insa, “It isn’t very far away; Just an hour’s walk.”

Silver Woods was situated on top of a tall hill. It was a steep, tiring climb, taking more than 3 hours!

“Come on, Bon, let’s have lunch.” Said Insa, once we reached the forest.

The forest was a beautiful place with silver birches all around. We stopped in front of a spring and sat down on rocks for a meal.

Insa had baked pies and apple juice for us and believe me, she’s really a brilliant cook!

I was still enjoying the brilliant lunch when suddenly the horn kept in Insa’s pocket started to glow!

She took it out at once and we noticed that it seemed to point somewhere…

Insa and I followed the pale ray of light. It leaded to a shadowy corner near a lake.


A loud noise thundered about the place.

I shivered with shock and fear but Insa calmly put a hand round my shoulder.

“It’s alright, Bon, don’t worry,” she said softly, “Look there!”

I stared at where Insa was pointing. There was a huge, one-eyed giant beside a cave made of wood. In that cave was a little creature, just like a horse, but pure black and a little broken horn, shining as bright as stars!

“I think, that’s a unicorn,” said Insa, “And the horn we have belongs to him. Come on, Bon, let’s save him from the giant!”

We quickly made a plan.

I jumped into the pond and chanted my special prayer. In three minutes, I had turned into a seal!

Meanwhile, Insa had climbed up a tree without the giant hearing a single sound. She was just behind the giant…

Insa quickly opened her scarf and spun it around the giant’s single eye.

Now mad and blind, the giant lost its footing and fell into the pond. Removing the scarf, I bit him hard into its eye. It gave out a loud roar, shivered violently and fell motionless.

I said my special prayer and turned to a human again.

By then, Insa had already set the unicorn free. She returned back the horn to its original place.

“How can I ever thank you?” said the unicorn, gratefully.

“Let’s be friends!” said Insa with a smile.

I cheered too. So now, we have a new member in our Black Feathers group, yay!


Arya on 2 May, 2021

This is amazing! And the name "Black Feathers" is so cool! Please write more and you're group is brilliant!

lu hart on 29 June, 2020

this story is amzing, outstanding and wonderful. can i be in the black feathers group

Reihaneh on 2 June, 2020

I soooo love it

Guinevere on 3 June, 2019

I love this story! Can I be in the Black Feathers group?

Melissa on 10 May, 2019

Thank you bon! I am waiting for next story!

Charlotte on 9 May, 2019

Thank you for asking. I whould love to be in one of your stories!

Charlotte on 9 May, 2019

I love dragons, could you have me have some dragon power. Like I can turn into a dragon or I have a link with a dragon you know all Eragon stile. I also love Sci-fi books and T.V. shows. I whould love to have some sort of Sci-fi weapon. I also just love magic in general. If you gave me simple magic powers I whould be happy.

Grace on 8 May, 2019

WOW! This is an AMAZING story!

The Wizard on 8 May, 2019

Thank you, Bon45, for offering me to join. I would like to have magical powers, hard-earned magical powers. I shall be eagerly waiting to read your next story.

Bon45 on 7 May, 2019

Thank you so much, Melissa, The Wizard and Charlotte! Yes, Wizard, the Black Feathers is a group made up of Barn friends. Mel, the next story would be for you, promise. The Wizard and Charlotte, would you like to join us? Then just let me know the magical power you'd like to have...

Melissa on 6 May, 2019

Hi Bon! Your story is great! I liked the most the action part- in which you bit the giant's eyes! Insa is soo brave and kind. I will look forward for black Feather (where I'm too! )

The Wizard on 6 May, 2019

Cool! Your story is VERY cool! But what is the Black Feather? Any team, I guess?

Charlotte on 6 May, 2019

I liked your story. Keep up the good work!