Blue Butterfly

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I wrote this story about my brother. He died in an accident four years ago. Of course, his name was not Justin. Anyway I will always remember him :(

The last time I was stuck in a forest was when I was three years old. I had bad memories from the time I had to carry them every day. I could never forget them. I just could not think about it. This is human nature.

So the result with this load is twice. This was the second time. Of course, I was not alone this time. I walked very slowly. The dry leaves rustled under my feet. White fog, like death, had swallowed up the tall trees around. The shadows moved among the carefree trees. Walking in front of Hundreds of staring eyes was not an easy task at all. Where even the sky could not look, is there life?

I looked again at the worried face of Justin walking with me. He looked around in despair as if he really believed there was no escape. He was not my brother. Of course, maybe I thought so at the time.

"Justin ...?"

He stood up and looked around "Yes."

As I held his arm tightly, I asked: "How long are we going to wander?"

"I really do not know ..."

"I'm scared"

He turned and took my frozen hand in his hands: "Excuse me; But this time I cannot lie. I am a human being like you. I'm scared too. Anything can happen in a foggy forest."

"Where did it start at all?! My problem now is my own stupidity. Ten years ago, I got lost in the forest because I was running after my cat. But now for following my dog! Not funny? Why should I run after my dog at the age of thirteen?!"

I raised my voice, "... why did you come with me?!"

Justin took a deep breath: "If I had not come with you, it would not have been known whether you would have come out of this jungle alive or not!"

"It is still unknown! If you did not come with me, you would know I was lost and you would help!"

With the raindrops blowing in the forest, I lowered my voice and asked "Do you promise not to leave me alone?"

"Of course I promise! I am your brother!"

The howl of a wolf echoed through the clouds trapped by the trees.


The sound of their powerful claws was getting closer and closer.

"Diana, run away!"

I took his hand and pulled. But he pulled his wrist out of my fingers.

"I said run! I did not say let's run!"

They were so close that I could hear them breathing. I ran towards the trees with all my strength. . .

I was too far away. The sound of their howls could no longer be heard. I could only hear the sound of the river near my feet. I sat on the green grass and looked at the white silence behind me. I wiped my tears with my sleeve and waited.

The sun was slowly setting. The blue butterfly was spinning side by side with the trees that were now empty of fog. As I looked at him, he sat quietly on my arm.

It opened and closed its wings. It was as if he were saying, "Did you see? I promised not to leave you alone."

"I knew you wouldn't leave me alone, Justin" I smiled.

I was the sister of a blue butterfly...


Diana on 28 May, 2021

Hello Anne. Sorry for the delay. My mother tongue is Persian, but I am also learning English

Anne on 1 April, 2021

Dear Diana, I was very pleased when I read your answer. Phew, I haven't overlooked any story ! Do you speak english and persian as your mother tongue? And: I wanted to thank you because you've written these wonderful stories and entered them at the website. Anne

Diana on 17 March, 2021

Hello Anne. I am very happy to read your comment and thank you! I have entered four stories on the website. I have written other stories, but they are in Persian and difficult to translate. But I do my best.

Anne on 10 March, 2021

Am I right in saying that you have published four stories and poems here at Cornelia Funkes Website? I ask this question because I'm scary to have overlooked some of your entrys. And I said this because I love your entrys, and I doesn't said this because I want only to praise you, I said it, because I really, really, really love your stories. I couldn't say only one reason why I like your stories so much because there are so many: you write so thoughtful, your poems (especially "a boy sang a song") and your stories (especially "blue butterfly") are so completely the truth! And I have one more question to you, Diana: have you written any more stories and texts? Could you publish them at this website? I totally understand if they are some kind of private and you don't want, really. But I would be incredible happy, if you could. Sorry for this (a bit too) long comment. Yours, Anne

Diana on 18 November, 2020

Dear Clara, it can be said that it is somewhat real. I lost my brother in an accident, not in the forest.

Klara on 16 November, 2020

This is such a beautiful story. I'm sorry about your brother, I lost my grandma and it hurts a lot. Is this a real story?

The Curious Bookworm on 14 November, 2020

I am so sorry by your loss. This is a brilliant story and you could be a future writer. What ever you do, keep on writing. Your writing style is brilliant.

Oola on 4 November, 2020

That's beautiful! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

BookHugger on 4 November, 2020

Diana, first of all, your writing is incredible. Second of all, I’m so sorry about your brother! Losing people hurts more than so many know. But this story is beautiful and I know your brother would be so happy that you care about him so much and chose to remember him with joy and love. Have a wonderful day and keep writing