Amr El-Azizi

True Friends

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You can jump, and then fall
You can sprint, but you can trip
You can try, yet you fall
You can win, or can lose
But you will, be okay
So long as you, have them here
They won’t stop, picking you up
That’s their job, and they’re good
You can win, you can lose
But they’re here, so you’re fine
Try enough, you’ll succeed
Don’t give up, they’re right here
Have no hear, cause you know
They will never, give up on you
Tell the fakes, from the real
By seeing who, stays right here
By your side, through thick and thin
Over mountains and under hills
Those are the ones, which you trust
Those are the ones, you call friends.


Arya on 25 May, 2021

This poem is underrated. I loved it so much. Keep writing and I hope you will get more comments!

Reihaneh on 23 May, 2020

It is nice, a good poem

NinjaDragon on 1 February, 2014

This poem is beautiful! You could seriously make it into a song!