Voltron - The New Reality

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Chapter One: Life from the stars

So this is a fan fiction I have been working for a while. I would LOVE if you posted it on the website! I also sent a picture I drew of what I whould imagine the cover would look like.
Thank you! Charlotte

Chezor opened her eyes, the alarm on her phone was blaring at her, telling her to get out of bed. Not like she had anything to wake up for. Still, she pulled herself out of her bed, and carefully stepped over the mounds of clothing, papers, and random junk that cluttered her floor. She walked over to her window, pulled it open and stuck her head through, breathing the cool morning air. Or at least as cool as it could get out in a desert in the middle of nowhere. She sighed and stared across the seamlessly endless series of canyons that made up her view. She had explored and mapped much of the canyon near her house where she lived with her father. They lived miles away from any town or settlement. The closest Chezor got to actual civilization was the school less than a mile away from her house. The humans called it the Garrison; there they trained the ‘next generation of space explorer’ as they called it. Chezor smiled to herself, space explorer? Humans couldn’t even get past their own solar system, let alone far enough to call it ‘exploration.’ Still, it was the closest she would ever get to learn how to fly a space craft. If only her dad would let her learn! She didn’t belong here, no matter how much she tried to hide it; she was literally an alien amongst humans! There was a war going on and people were dying! And she was here, staring out her window. She should be out there fighting, not here where nothing ever happened! Her father worked for the Guns of Galmora and they had assigned Earth as his outpost. His job was to harbor any rebel fighter who came, and to keep the humans from finding out about the other alien races. Humans were an extremely war-like race, almost even more then the Galra. If they found out exactly how many different alien races there were, if they found out about the weapons they used - death would insure. Not as if any alien would come to Earth, it was a tiny planet in the middle of nowhere!

She sighed, pulled herself away from her window and walked over to her nightstand which sat next to her bed. She stared at herself in the mirror which hung above her nightstand. The face that stared back at her was a pale peach; she had gray blue eyes and a simple but pretty face. But the face was far from human; Chezor was half Galra half Altayan. She had pale purple Galra markings under her eyes and long pointed Altayan ears. Her hair ended mid-upper back and, although it started as Altayan white, right under her ears it suddenly changed to a harsh Galra purple. Her hands also ended in Galrain claws. She closed her eyes and shifted her skin, then opened her eyes, to see skin that was now a tan - her Galra markings and Altayan ears had vanished making her look human.

“You’re lucky” her father always said “you can change your skin, you can blend in with the other humans.”

Lucky? She was far from lucky. Yes she could hide her origins but they made up who she was. She wasn’t human and hated hiding that fact. Chezor changed her skin back and picked up a picture that sat on her night stand. In the picture there was a Galra woman holding a tiny baby. The woman had a slimmer, paler purple face than most Galra; her hair was dark purple and shaved on the left side, the other side hung down to her jaw line, a scar ran down the left cheek, starting just below her eye. The baby she held was mostly covered in a black cloth but green Altayan marking could be seen. The woman and child were Chezor’s mother and half-sister. Two people she had never met. She stepped away from the night stand and put her clothes on, a red shirt with an orange collar, denim capris that fell to her mid-lower leg, gray and red boots that were longer in the back than the front. Last she pulled on her jacket (it was mid-November and cold outside) the jacket looked like leather and its sleeves ended in black cuffs, the bottom (which lay a little ways above her hip) was also black and spiked up in the front, it also had a black collar and shoulders with inverted triangle armpit. She glanced at herself one last time in her mirror then headed down stairs to the kitchen.

Her father looked up from his breakfast as she came down. He was an elderly Altayan with the same gray-blue eyes as Chezor, light brown hair and red makings.

“Good morning Chezor,” he said cheerfully, “how’d you sleep?”

“Fine,” Chezor answered, pouring herself a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

“So dad,” she said sitting down across the table from him and grabbing the milk that sat to her left. “I know we’ve talked about this before but...” This was a well-rehersed speech that she had practiced many times in front of her mirror. “The Garrison is enrolling new students this upcoming spring. They’re accepting applications from now until the beginning of January. I was thinking maybe I could put one in….?” Chezor stopped here, her father’s face had suddenly gone hard and cold.

“You’re right,” he said, “we have talked about this many times over and my answer will remain the same, you will not go to some human school and leave me here, when I’m gone I need you to look out for this outpost. The Guns need you here not out there.”

            Anger boiled in Chezor’s veins, she pulled her hands into fists to try to stop it. “Why?” she said. “It’s not like anyone knows about this place, a war is going on and we’re just sitting here doing nothing! That’s all we’ve ever done! Nothing!” Despite her attempts to suppress her anger, her voice rose to a shout. “People are dying and I’m just sitting here! I could help stop it! Please father! You can’t keep me here forever!”

            “My mind is made up Chezor,” her father said, his voice too cold. “The Guns need you here and I can’t lose you!” Not like I lost them - his words meant - I’ve already lost too much. I can’t lose you too. Then he stood, put his bowl in the sink, and walked away leaving Chezor still sitting at the table shaking with anger. She felt so helpless, so weak, trapped on Earth. Forever.

            Finally Chezor stormed outside, leaving her bowl. She wanted so scream with anger, walking over to the large shed her father had built in front of their house. Chezor slammed the door open, the lights, sensing her movement, flickered on.

The shed was a training room of sorts. The wall to her left was lined with weapon replicas that looked, felt, and had around the same weight as the real things. There were Altayan swords, (made from plastic or steel), guns (that shot water to help practice aim), staffs (pointed and non-pointed) and water-shooting drones (to help with defense drone piloting). The wall farthest from her was lined with targets of varying size; and in the center was a small training dummy, the kind that if you hit it, it would spin, hitting you with multiple different ‘arms,’ each holding different weapons. The look was completed with a head painted with the face of an Altayan sentry.

Chezor stormed over to the left wall and grabbed an Altayan long sword, the handle long enough for both her hands, and walked over to the dummy. Her hands tightened on her sword and swung, anger fueling her. The sword crashed into its center witch sent the dummy spinning.

            Jump, duck, stab, block. Her sword span dizzyingly fast.

I need you here Chezor - her father’s words echoed in her mind.

The Guns need you here - No. No they didn’t. They needed her out there fighting real sentries, saving real lives, stopping the real war, the war her father pretended didn’t exist.

Anger burned through her, fueled by her Galra blood, fueled by years of hiding and pretending everything was alright. She screamed a war cry and slammed her sword into the dummy’s head. There was the sound of snapping wood, a shearing jolt of pain in her arm and the dummy shattered, fragments of wood slamming against the floor and opposite wall.

She stared at the fragments, panting. Her hands, stinging, dropped the sword on the floor beside the ruined dummy. Chezor walked out.

The rest of the day passed in a blur. She read, wandered about, ate lunch, avoided her father, binged watched Stranger Things, and ate dinner. After dinner, she sprinted up her stairs, grabbed her headphones from the nightstand, and ran outside.

The moon shone high over the canyon, the sky twinkling with stars. But Chezor’s gaze was turned downward. There! A stone faintly shone, like street signs at night when a car light hits them, but less so. The glow was so faint that only her Galra enhanced eyes (which were likely glowing like a cat’s in the moon’s pail light) could catch it, and only if she was looking for it. Chezor followed the stone’s glow, there; she could just make out the light of the second farther on. She smiled and continued following the trail. She had placed the stones herself years ago, a trail that only she could see, and only in the moon’s light. She had made it for nights like this, when she wanted to get away from her father, from her life, and just be herself.

The stones led to a small cliff half way between her house and the Garrison. She reached the cliff top, from her vantage point she could almost see into the Garrison walls. She had walked to it once and had seen a small figure wearing headphones, sitting on its roof, light from a computer shining on its face. The figure had waved and Chezor had waved back. She had visited about 10 times after that and the person was always there and always waved to her. They had never met, but, she kind of considered this mystery person to be her Garrison friend.

Chezor pulled out her phone, plugged in her headphones and turned her music on. Instantly the song ‘Numb’ by Lincoln Park blared in her ears. Chezor closed her eyes and let the familiar numbness sink in.

Song after song blared in her ears. She looked at her watch; the face read 11:02. She sighed. Her father got worried if she stayed out too late. She started walking back to her house, thinking about the next ‘exciting’ day ahead of her. Suddenly a bright flash of light blared in the sky. Chezor gasped and span abound. The sky was dark, but Chezor didn’t move, she stood there, staring up at the night sky.

The sky exploded into light as the... thing broke through the skyline. Chezor’s eyes strained to get a better look at …a ship! An alien star ship! And coming straight towards her! Chezor was frozen in shock - a ship? Here? It fell to Earth - the light growing from bright to blinding. Chezor shook herself and scrambled back, falling on a stone and landing hard on her behind.

Raising an arm to block the light as the ship crashed, Chezor’s ears rang with the sound - she felt the whole canyon shake. Chezor pulled herself up and stumbled over to the edge. The ship lay in a burning heap at the base of the canyon, smoke pouring out from its back. Streak marks scared the ground, parts of the ship scattered around them.

A sound shook Chezor from her daze, the sound of blaring horns. Her head snapped towards the Garrison, red lights flashed from the roof and she could make out a voice that was far too calm.

“We are now on lock down,” it said. “Please remain in your rooms until further notice. This is not a drill.”

Chezor looked at the ship then back at the Garrison, her mind working at a fever pace. The Garrison would be sending out fleets of people to see what the crash was, fleets of people who would see the alien inside, the humans would poke and prod, using knifes, needles and anything else to understand what it was. What humans didn’t understand they destroyed.

Before she could think about it further she ran down the canyon side, taking the least steep path possible. Once on the ground, she ran with her full might to the burning ship. The heat was so intense, but without thinking about the consequences, she slammed her full body into the rear entrance, glad she had brought a thick jacket. The metal creaked and bent, weak from the heat and the crash, but didn’t cave in. Chezor glanced towards the Garrison - five sets of lights could be seen, barley pinpricks in the night, but rapidly getting closer.

“Quiznak!” Chezor swore and slammed into the door again, her whole body burning. Her shoulder felt broken but she slammed into it one last time. The door fell, bringing Chezor down with it. She stood and put her arm over her face. The air rippled with the heat, smoke and flame. Chezor could barely see, her face burned. She stumbled towards the cockpit. A small figure lay on the chair, a helmet obscuring the face, the body covered in flight armor.

Using her claws, she slashed through the thick straps holding the pilot captive, grabbing the shoulders and pulling backward. She gasped in shock at the weight of the small pilot.

Probably the armor she thought. She hauled backward through the flaming ship, the smell of burning flesh and hair entering the air. The smell didn’t come from the pilot. Chezor hauled the body out into the night air that now seemed cool to her burned skin.

The lights of the Garrison’s vehicles were now huge and bright, she was almost in their range. Desperately looking for anywhere to hide the pilot, her eyes fell on a cave, illuminated by the fire’s glow. She ran to it, pulling the body behind her, fuelled by pure panic. The cave’s dark embrace seemed to welcome her as she ran inside, but she didn’t dare stop. The cars outside had stopped and voices could be heard.

“Get the fire team on this!” a woman called.

“Sir, have you ever seen anything like this?” a man’s voice.

“No, never,” another man’s voice, this one gruffer, one that demanded attention.

Chezor continued to pull the body backward, trying to find the back of the cave where it would be safer.

“Sir, the ship is empty,” the woman said.

“What!!?” the gruff man’s voice again. “Can the dogs smell anything?!”

“No sir, the smoke is too thick.”

Suddenly the ground under Chezor’s feet cracked, she barley stifled her cry as the floor caved in.

Chezor fell, well, more like slid. The tunnel she slid through had an underground river that sucked her along. Unable to contain it any longer Chezor screamed.

The river ended as abruptly as it had begun. She screamed again and was flung into the air landing in a huge pool of water. Struggling to the surface, Chezor coughed and gasped for air.

The pilot! Chezor frantically looked around. There! She saw a glint of light from the armor as it disappeared under the surface. She dove down, frantically swimming, and felt something hard with her foot; she reached out and grabbed the collar. Using all the strength she had left, she pulled the body to the shore. She dropped the pilot and collapsed, panting, her breath coming out it in a thick fog.

Eventually she sat up and checked the burns on her hands and legs and used her phone camera (which remarkably still worked!) to check her face. The worse burns were on her hands which felt numb and cold, and in some places were bleeding. She lowered her hands and looked at the pilot, whose chest rose and fell. She hesitated to remove the helmet which was connected to the creature’s air support. Chezor had no idea if the creature breathed oxygen! But if smoke got into their air supply it wouldn’t matter anyway, and, most likely, it would run out soon. Chezor stood and placed her hands on either side of the helmet. She hesitated for a second then pulled it off, revealing the face of a Balmara.

Chezor gasped! She had never seen another alien other that her father and herself. The Balmara was female, her skin had a slight blue-ish tint to it. No wonder she had been so heavy! Chezor had assumed it was just the armor! Balmarans had thick, stone-like skin! Gently she removed the rest of the armor revealing a dark blue Balmaran robe.

Chezor gently pressed her fingers to the side of the Balmara’s neck trying to feel for a pulse. Her burnt fingers were painful to feel anything.

I guess I have to wait for her to wake up then - she thought. Chezor looked around the large cave, most of the floor was taken up by a large pool of water. The entrance where they had fallen from was higher than Chezor could reach.

“Well,” she said, “I guess we have to find another way out.” Chezor looked around the beach they were resting on and saw that it continued to the other side. A tunnel branched off the beach, its edges dark.

“That’s our way out Balmarin,” Chezor said, turning to look back at her, then froze. The Balmara’s hand twitched then closed into a weak fist. Chezor bent over her.

“Hey,” she said, “you alright?” The Balmara’s eyes slowly opened and focused on Chezor’s face. The eyes grew wide with panic and she tried to scoot away.

“It’s alright,” Chezor whispered in the most soothing voice she could. “It’s alright, I’m a friend. My name’s Chezor. I work with the Guns Of Galmora. Your ship crashed and I brought you in here.”

The Balmara’s face had relaxed slightly. “You work for the Guns?” Her voice was soft and sweet. Chezor smiled.

“Ya. I do. You’re on planet Earth. You can trust me.” The Balmara closed her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. Then she opened them.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” Chezor said. “I was trying to hide you in a cave from the humans that were coming and the floor sorta caved in.”

The Balmara blinked.

“But I do know a way out!” Chezor said and pointed to the tunnel entrance. The Balmara turned to look at it then looked back at Chezor.

“If you have never been in here before how do you know that’s a way out?”

“Honestly I don’t, but it’s the best shot we have of leaving this cave, you with me?”

The Balmara thought about this and nodded. “I’m with you,” she said.

Chezor smiled, “All right! Then let’s do this!”

Together they walked into the tunnel, Chezor turned towards her companion.

“Hey I didn’t catch your name,” she said.

“Celk,” the Balmara responded, “my name is Celk.”

“Nice to meet you Celk.”

Suddenly the cave exploded with blue light, Celk and Chezor gasped as blue images appeared on the walls, images of blue lions. Altayan ruins covered the walls, glowing an electric blue.

“Wha…”Chezor breathed “Where... where are we?”

Celk turned to Chezor. “Can you read these?” she asked, pointing to the runes.

“Ya,” Chezor said. “It’s old but I think I can.”

Chezor read, “Four to find the one

One to find the four

When the universe is on its knees, he shall rise

The mighty defender

Two becomes one, one becomes five, five becomes all

When blood shall pour like rain he shall save us all

Ha. Creepy. Hey Celk what do you suppose that means? Celk?”

It was here that Chezor realized that Celk wasn’t next to her anymore. “Celk!” she called.

“Over here!” Celk’s voice echoed off the stone walls, “in the side cave! You need to see this!” Chezor pulled out her phone and took a picture of the strange poem then ran over.

“What is it Celk? Something…..” Chezor’s mouth fell open. The cave they were in was huge! And at the far side was the largest cave picture they had seen. A glowing giant man, his hands and feet the faces of lions, spikes jutting out from his shoulder blades, a huge sword in his hand. Chezor walked forward, Altayan rune stones where glowing next the man.

“Voltron,” Chezor read, “the defender of the universe.”

Celk put a hand on Chezor’s shoulder, “Come on,” she said. “I think the tunnel continues.”

Chezor nodded, “Right,” she said, “lead on!”

The tunnel did indeed continue but ended in a large metal door with a hand print on its center. Runes at the top of the door read Only the one chosen can open the door. Chezor turned to Celk then put her burned hand on the door. Nothing happened. Chezor found this annoying.

“You try,” she said, gesturing to the door. “It is our only way out.” Celk nodded and put her own hand on the print. The door flashed a blinding blue light then slowly opened.

“Ha. I guess you were the chosen one,” Chezor joked walking through the door, “What do you suppose that meant by…” Chezor froze.

“Chezor?” Celk called. “Everything alright?”

“Get. In. Here. Now!” Chezor called.

“I’m here,” she said running in, “is everything…..”

Then her mouth fell open. In the center of the cave was a giant blue lion starship surrounded by an Altayan partial barrier.

“What… what is that?” Celk asked.

Chezor shook her head, “I… I don’t know!”


Celk could feel something as she looked at the lion, a pull, a voice telling her to touch it. The lion was looking at her, even though its face never moved - its eyes followed her. She hesitantly walked forward and put her hand on the barrier. It disappeared like rippling water. The lion’s eyes flashed gold, it lifted its massive head and roared, its cry shaking the cave! It lowered its head, its jaw falling open, a smaller section in the center of the lower jaw fell, reveling a gangplank that led up into its month.

“I think it wants us to go in there” Celk said. The pull was stronger now, almost impossible to resist.


Chezor nodded, her mouth still open, she could feel something, this certainty inside of her, like she was supposed to get in. Celk carefully stepped up the gang plank and disappeared into the lion’s mouth. Chezor shook herself and closed her own mouth; she looked up at in amazement at the lion. She stepped forward, her hand grabbing its jaw, then stopped. In all the books she had ever read this would be where something magic happened and the heroes would be gone on some epic quest they never imagined. She dialed her father’s number, after a few rings the phone went to voice mail. Chezor swallowed nervously.

“Hey Dad,” she said, “so long story short. I found a Balmara who crashed onto our planet and we found this cave, with this giant blue lion ship inside and it wants me to go inside of it. I know this sounds crazy! But I can feel something telling me to do it! Like it’s what I’m supposed to do! So… umm… Love you. See you soon! Bye” I hope she thought and walked inside the blue lion.


Chezor on 7 July, 2019

I will be posting this chapter by chapter and I have no idea how long it's going to be.....

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