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Chapter 1

Which kind of person was Elisabeth French? Hm… she was very strange person!
She loved books and that was her problem. You see, Elisabeth spent all her time with books!
She lived in her house and didn't leave that comfortable and warm place. She was dreaming,
she loved dreaming! She dreamt about some people, who could help her to leave the house.
Elisabeth's house wasn't very big: one bedroom, one guest-room, a kitchen, and a library with her favorite books! Hall in her house was very small and sad. but there were a lot of flowers in big pots.

Elisabeth is a tall young woman with long red hair and black eyes. She is very nice and kind person! She loves animals and children, but she doesn't want to have any pets or babies!  
Miss French lived with her family in Italy some years ago. But one night her parents left her alone in a house, which was in fire! Her parents escaped, but since that accident Elisabeth hasn't seen them! Since that time Elisabeth hasn't got a family. She thinks that real world is very dangerous.

Today Elisabeth got up at eleven o'clock. That is very early of her! She can read books all day! But her first words were: "I have to go out! I never been outside! That isn't correct! So…
I have!" She put on her favorite small green dress and small summer shoes. When she left her bedroom, after breakfast, she tried to open the door. But she couldn't! She was afraid of street. She thought that life in the book world is better than the real life! So she sited down on the sofa in the hall and started to cry.

Suddenly someone knocked at the door. Elisabeth sighed and opened the door. That was a tall fifteen years old boy. Later Elisabeth saw a girl behind the stranger. They were twins! Both were very tall and cute, with fair hair and a bit chubby faces with blue eyes!
"Good morning, Miss!" said the boy. Elisabeth said "Hello" and "Come in!"
Two teen-agers came in and sat down on the sofa in the library. Elisabeth sat down on a chair.
"Miss French! My name is Camila. Camila Johns. And this is my brother Kay Johns.
We are twins!"
"Yes… Erm… Good morning, children! Oh my God! You know my name!"
"Yes, we know… Try to be quite, please! I'll explain you this moment! Well… we are from Venezuela. From Caracas. We are students and we study here. But we travel a lot too! And...
We want a person to travel with us. Would you like to?" Camila smiled. Elisabeth looked at Kay. He was smiling too!
"Well... Maybe... That will be great!... So... But I don't like to go outside!"
"That isn't important!"said Camila." You see, we don't travel with planes or trains! We travel with our machine. And we go to book stories!"
"What do you mean?"
"We travel to books. For example... Last weak we were in "Reckless" and last year we had a journey to "Cinderella"! " said Kay.
"Yeah! That was great! We saw Cinderella's family! They are interesting!" Camila smiled.
"So... How about you?"
"I think... My answer will be.. Yes! I'll enjoy it!" Said Elisabeth and went to take her clothes.


Arya on 24 May, 2021


The Curious Bookworm on 13 July, 2020

You could have taken a bit more care with the spelling. But it was really good. I also think it could have more detail and not be so rushed. As I think the 2 teenagers knocking at the door happened really quick and she was very sudden with the descion. Also it said the door was locked out she opened the door for the teenagers. So maybe you could fill a few gaps.

Reihaneh on 28 February, 2020

Mery G . you're story is good, fantasy and dreamy. I like it

someone on 5 April, 2017

Nice idea!

hadis on 26 November, 2014

This is so great

Anonymous on 24 September, 2014

Nice story!

percy on 1 September, 2014

wow i love it you are great!!!!!

Jamie on 28 May, 2014