Your Furry, Feathery, Hoofed and Finny Friends

Many of you tell us about your dogs, cats, horses…. We have heard stories about rabbits, cockatiels, owls, turtles, or guppies.

One of our guestbook visitors sent us beautiful pictures of her horse Dixie, and gave us the idea of opening a gallery for your four-legged, beaked, and scaley pals.

And now, please enjoy browsing our Fury-Pluto-Garfield-Tweety-Nemo-Gallery :)

Send us your pictures

<p>This is my little tomcat Tomi, born on 2 May 2020. He is always in a good mood :) Best! Lena</p>
<p>My cat Penelopy has her tongue stuck out at me. :D Best! Nicole</p>
<p>Seven years ago, Merle came to me through a wormhole.  My computer had not been working for 28 days. On day 21 I suddenly was able to go online, checked a pet adoption website and there she was - 6 months of age, 4 previous owners. The my screen turned black again. Today Merle is a happy dog, finding my glasses in our apple orchard, separating trash, and accompanying anxious dogs to the vet. Best regards from the Baltic Sea! Sabine Eschenbach</p>
<p>Cornelia's dogs Jake and Tabby. Together with Cornelia's donkeys Esperanza, Zorro and Matteo and a wild bunch of Pekin ducks they live on Cornelia's farm in Malibu, California. (Photo: Michael Orth)</p>
<p>On Whit Sunday 2020, Cornelia's donkey mare Esperanza gave birth to little Matteo. Matteo's dad Zorro is as proud as punch :)</p>
<p>Dear Cornelia, dear Insa, these are my cats Ron (orange-tabby) and his sister Ginny (gray-tabby). They love to be up high, to jump on wardrobes, shelves and blinds. On the picture, you see Ginny sitting behind my 'Funke book collection' :) Best, Yelka</p>
<p>This is a photo of my pet snails. Best from Germany! Helena</p>
<p>Our dog Fiene and I (the mom) are enthusiastically listening to the first chapters of 'Die Farbe der Rache'. The Hegger family from Northern Germany</p>
<p>Hi Cornelia, this is my cat 'Socke' (German for sock). Today she is three, but in this picture she is only four months old. She especially liked the dishwasher. All the best from Germany! Finn</p>
<p>These are my furry friends! Love from Iran! Diana</p>
<p>This is Cecil, my tiny, fluffy friend. She passed away last year, but she used to be able to climb the stairs in two minutes when she was younger! I love the Reckless series so much! My favourite character is definitely Fox because she’s sooo cool. Can’t wait for the next one and to try your other books, Emma. :)</p>
<p>A friend of mine took this picture in India. Best from Germany! Flo</p>
<p>A friend of mine took this picture in India. Best from Germany! Flo</p>
<p>I'm Helena. I am 11 years old and I love your website. My lizard is a bearded dragon called Frank Lee.</p>
<p>Hi, my name is Brixton. I am a Bergamasco sheep dog mixed breed. I am 14 months old (the picture shows me at the age of 8 months), and I make my two-legged friend very happy :)</p>
<p>My bunny, Thor! Best, Tiffany :)</p>
<p>The wonderful peach pug here is Otis and he is five and he is so nice and energetic. Love, <br />9 year old Nikos in L.A.</p>
<p>Hello, these are Duppy and Colby and I still miss them. Colby died in 2016 and Duppy in 2017. Love, 9 year old Nikos in L.A.</p>
<p>This is my dog Buddy. People keep telling me that he looks like a little fox. To me, he looks just like my dog Buddy ;)</p>
<p>This is a picture of my Netherland Dwarf rabbit Caesar. Best! Katherine</p>
<p>This is our tomcat Lui. He keeps us on the go :) One day fire fighters had to rescue him from a tree. And he once was found 15 kilometres from home. He is just about one year old. We love Lui very much, because he loves to be cuddled and he is such a beautiful tomcat.  Best, the Hallwig family from Germany</p>
<p>This is my cat Mei. Best, Victoria</p>
<p>She is my little star Ivy. I know that her beautiful, shining eyes are still watching me. I miss her so much. <span style='font-size: 12pt;'>- Andrea Torregrossa</span></p>
<p>This is Baloo, the chubby chum of Freddie. You will find Freddie here in our gallery, too. They are both Cornelia's daughter Anna's tomcats. Anna adopted Freddie in January 2018 from the Pounce Cat Cafe in Charleston. Later in May, she adopted the white giant Baloo.</p>
<p>This is Freddie, Cornelia's daughter Anna's tomcat. Anna adopted Freddie in January 2018 from the Pounce Cat Cafe in Charleston. Later in May, she adopted Freddie's chubby chum Baloo (you can also find him in our gallery).</p>
<p>Esperanza and Zorro, Cornelia's donkeys.</p>
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<p>Hi everyone! I would like to share with Cornelia, you guys and the rest of the world this picture of my my cat Bigotes (aka Whiskers). Bigotes doesn't seem very happy after being bathed ;) Greetings from a reader in México! Karen Serrano, 24 y/o.</p>
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<p>Hi everyone! I would like to share with Cornelia, you guys and the rest of the world this picture of my dog Keiser. Keiser lived a lot of adventures including chase squirrels, bother horses, being persecuted by a turkey and jump into a lake full of frogs. Greetings from a reader in México! Karen Serrano, 24 y/o.</p>
<p>Here we have Cornelia's very hairy and over-sweet dog Luna, also known as Looney or Looney Beverly or Babyganoosh. She was a crossbreed of Bearded Collie and Golden Retriever. She demanded eighteen hours of sleep a day, three and a half hours of TLC, about two hours of walk (preferably in the Franklin Canyon) - and the rest of the time she spent on eating. She constantly stole Ben's stuffed animals and carried them off to the garden. Her favorite was a big pink hippo. Looney passed away in 2015.</p>
<p>This is my furry friend Cocoa, my German Shepherd cross :) Best, Jessica</p>
<p>Dear Cornelia, here is the picture of one of my best friends I've ever had, Pippi. I took it on September 29th, 2014. She was cute, naughty and kind. She died last fall, and I really would like to see her here on your website beside the other beloved ones. Thanks Maryam Azizi</p>
<p>This is my dog, Holly. She is a miniature dachshund. Most of the time I read any of Cornelia Funke's books I am with Holly. She snuggles up next to me, and I read for as long as four hours nonstop at the most. I love the Inkheart trilogy and Reckless. I am starting Fearless right now, and so far I am loving it! Thanks! Emmaline Stiekes</p>
<p>Dear Cornelia, these are my guinea pigs, Cocoa and Hayley. Best, Tegan</p>
<p>Silver's doggy Trixi</p>
<p>Moonwolf's furry friend Babsi</p>
<p>This is my dog Speedy and he lives up to his name. I think he looks quite a lot like your dog Velos, Insa, and he is a former stray dog as well :) He is very kind and sweet and protects our chickens from foxes. Best, Muri</p>
<p>This is our 'orchestra dog' Eolo. He was named after the Roman god of the Winds. He was rescued from an Italian killing station and then adopted by our manager. And he lives up to his name (whenever he is not sleeping on our tour bus ;)). Best, Mondwoelfin</p>
<p>This is my bunny George. I read Dragon Rider to him and I'm quite sure he liked it :) Best, Chiara</p>
<p>These are my two kittens. Theresa :)</p>
<p>This is my tomcat Lenny. He's two years old and sooooo kittenish (don't be fooled by the picture;)) Best, Mary :)</p>
<p>This is my mouse Winky, that died some weeks ago :( Best, Berry</p>
<p>Hello, these are my cats :) The white one is named Moma, and the other was named Tita. Best, Sara</p>
<p>Theresa's mice Winky, Wutz and Sherlock</p>
<p>Hi Cornelia, this is my rat Nelly, AKA 'speedy Nelly'. She is always agitated and always on the move. Best from Dresden/Germany, Sina</p>
<p>Johanna's budgie friend Polly</p>
<p>Nora's cutie friend Timmy :)</p>
<p>Camille's furry friends Sorrel and Inkspell</p>
<p>This is Squirrel, the funniest rabbit. I love her. Best, Camille :)</p>
<p>I LOVE your books. All of them. My favorite characters (out of all the books) are probably Scipio, Dustfinger, Sorrel, and Fox. And Capricorn, because he's just plain cool (even if he is evil). Of course, everyone else is pretty darn awesome, too! I would like you to put this picture of my cat Mya on your website, please. Mya's a mutt, but we think she's part Siamese and part Ragdoll, because she looks like a Siamese, but goes limp when you pick her up. We also have another cat, Sam, three guinea pigs, a goat, and a bunch of chickens (who are on strike and have stopped laying eggs). Thank you for sharing your talent with people, and I can't wait to read your next book! Sincerely, Lydia Smith</p>
<p>Meet Chiko (a common name), 3 years old, a Shih Tzu. Cute ain't it :PBest, Winston from Indonesia</p>
<p>This is Nora's bunny friend Hoppel :)</p>
<p><em>A long time ago two homeless dogs walked slowly on a dusty road. But just then one of the dogs found treasure. And became greedy. The other dog did not like being greedy. It made him feel sad. So he ran away. The next day the greedy dog had learnt a lesson. He learnt that friendship is very important. The end</em> By Isabel Santos</p>
<p>This is my dog Taffy. She is now 6 years old. We got her from the animal shelter and she is my best friend.</p>
<p>This is my dragon Alva. I love love love dragons so much. They really help me :) Best, Rika from Germany.</p>
<p>This is my dog GINGER. She looks cute but sometimes is naughty. This picture actually was token right before she was about to bark. Thanks, Destiny Kempf</p>
<p>Hello! My name is Chiara and I'm 11. I find Cornelia's books really good, especially Inkheart and Inkspell. Now I'm going to start Inkdeath and I think it's going to be really good! Here is my turtle!</p>
<p>Hi, this is a picture of my dog George for the pets page in the guestroom of Cornelia's website. From Rosalee</p>
<p>Hi Cornelia, this is my best furry friend Lucy. She is 12 years old. Love, Andrea :)</p>
<p>This is our little cutie Fino. He likes to hide everywhere you don't expect him to (on this picture he has chosen a rug). Warmest wishes from Southern Germany, Mirjam</p>
<p>This is Lina, the office dog of Spoonfork (the agency that designed this website).</p>
<p>Dear Cornelia Funke website, this is a photo of my pet cat, Purry, yawning. Hope it gets published! Love, Aisling Doherty-Madrigal, aged 12, Ireland</p>
<p>I'm Josephine from Poland. My puppy Leon is one year old. And I have to say that the books about Inkworld are my favourite :) Just love them :) Hope Leon will show up on your page. Take care, Josephine</p>
<p>The little man on this picture is Sammy, the four-legged friend of Maximilian Guenther from Germany.</p>
<p>This is Marcy's furry friend Lion.</p>
<p>This is Bashar's furry friend Momo</p>
<p>This is Marcy's rabbit Peanut</p>
<p>Hey, thank you so much for letting me send you pictures of Dixie. One of them is of just her in general and the other one is of her in our trailer getting ready to go to a show! As you can tell she ready to go with her hay! I love that picture so I decided to send it to you. It would be awesome if you could put them on the website! Thanks so much, Horsefreak :)</p>
<p>This is my soulmate! Blossom is no longer with us, but not a day goes by that I don't think of her. She was a great companion and a true friend. Her urn stands in my room. Best, Natalie</p>
<p>This is my soulmate! Blossom is no longer with us, but not a day goes by that I don't think of her. She was a great companion and a true friend. Her urn stands in my room. Best, Natalie</p>
<p>Maggie Ward's furry companion Dutchess</p>
<p>'Hi Cornelia. My name is Sonya, I am from Novosibirsk in Russia. I really like your books<i> Inkheart </i>and <i>Inkspell</i> (<i>Inkdeath</i> I have not read but I'm sure that she it is as great as the previous two). This is a photo of my cat Pufang and Peach.'</p>
<p>Tim Kempf's doggy</p>
<p>Hello!!! My name is Saba Niazmand. I am 11 years old. It has been 2 or 3 months I have found your site. Your site is beautiful and creative. It has lots of fun things in it. Also your books are very nice and i enjoy reading them!!! This is one of my cat friends....</p>
<p>Hi Cornelia, here is a picture of my Australian Cattle Dog Stella Bea outside resting. I was hoping you could put this picture of her on your website. And can it say '<i>My greatest thing in my life is my Australian cattle dog Stella Bea</i>' From your fan, Cassidy Smart</p>
<p>Hi. I'm Erika from Germany and I'm 11 years old. These two are my duckies Otti and Lotti. They spend the whole day waddling around. Unfortunately they are quite jumpy. Best, Erika</p>
<p>This is my gentle furry friend Cheeky. The picture was taken about a year ago. It is the cutest photo I could find of her. Best, Lisa</p>
<p>Hi! This is my sweet cat Lovie. She is a Maine Coon and a real cat of prey, as you can see. (-: Best, Jeannine</p>
<p>Here is Wellington, my most favourite of all furry friends. As soon as he hears my car coming down the road, he is by the gate, a great smile on his face, his tail wagging and a list of all the things he wants us to do together in the next five minutes. He then does a mad dash round the garden before landing at my feet in an ecstasy of joy. What better friend could one ask for…. (Wellington is the doggy of Cornelia's friend Elinor Bagenal, who works at <a href='http://www.doublecluck.com'>Chicken House</a>)</p>
<p>I am Angie, Cornelia's assistant in LA. And this is my cutie Princess Leia. She is half Poodle half Jack Russell. They call this mix a Jackapoo! She is a very sweet and loving puppy. She is only 1 year old. She is very mischevious though. We can't leave food on the table and walk away. She will steal it! When she goes outside to play and wants to come back in, she let's us know by jumping up and down at the door with a window over and over again until we notice a little dog head popping up over and over again in the window.</p>
<p>This is Velos. He died in summer 2017. We lost our best friend and we will always miss him. 'Velos' is Greek and means 'arrow' - and he really ran as fast as an arrow. We got him from animal welfare. He was a livestock guardian greyhound and who knows what else crossbreed.</p>
<p>Dear Cornelia, this is my dog in glasses! Emilia Rose Allsop</p>
<p>This is my dachshund Pauli sitting among my 'Funke library'. Warmest wishes from Vienna. Ella</p>
<p>This is my bunny, Angel!! Love from Giovanna</p>