A Mermaid

Written by Neha Talreja

Under the ocean
beneath the splashing waves 
lives a beautiful mermaid
hiding herself from the cruel world 
her only friends the fish and sea creatures
living under the water in her crystal palace 
full of pearls and enchanting jewels.
She has treasures, 
treasures of love
and magical charms in her blue eyes 
She dances
in her oceanic heaven 
and glitters like gold when the sun rays fall on her ravishing body.
Playful and mystique... 
she is daughter of the ocean...
She is a mermaid

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Dara and Amalia – 26 September 2021

Really good describing and that sounds like a pretty beautiful mermaid.

Annabeth – 27 March 2021

This was amazing. Love it even though it has no rhyming. Keep writing...

Emilia – 18 December 2020

Und super geschrieben!

Oola – 1 July 2020

I adore that!

Emily – 31 May 2020

That was fantastic! I am completely fascinated with mermaids aswell and that poem of your’s described them beautifully xxx

Alice – 23 May 2020

This is beautiful. You are very talented

BookHugger – 6 May 2020

I love this!! AMAZING job, and continue writing!

Reihaneh – 6 May 2020

It is nice and good