Bleh's story

Written by CC

Bleh is an extremely malicious, purple Pegasus. She pushes around a pink steed named Beauty, taunts a chestnut stallion called Mare, and takes away all of a bay colt named Little-mare’s soft, golden hay. But once upon a time, she wasn’t so unruly. When she was just a tiny, diminutive filly, her life and character were both extremely different.

“Bleh, you are so kind to your brothers and sister! Even though Beauty and Mare are both elder than you, you still care for them! And, Little-mare is the youngest in your family, and yet you still remain compassionate towards him! And, furthermore, you are the only Pegasus-horse with wings-in the family! You are soooo caaaaaarrrrrrriiiiinnnnnnggggg, my sssssswwwwweeeeeeeeetie Bleh!” her mom used to say to her, over and over, every day. Bleh WAS nice to everyone in her family- it was only her good nature that allowed that!

However, one bleary evening came when Bleh was six, Beauty was fifteen, Mare was ten, and Little-mare was three, that they all were grouped together in a king-sized bed of straw belonging to their mom, Rose-neigh, that they all had their first ever. . . fight!
“Little-mare, I don’t think you’re old enough to be up here.” Mare was saying, as he lounged on the bed’s only pillow, hogging all of the softest room on the bed. Little-mare, being unused to getting teased by his brother, automatically burst into tears.
“Don’t take it so hard, Little-mare.” Bleh soothed, “if you fall off the bed, you will get hurt. It is for your own safety.”
 Little-mare smiled at Bleh, but Beauty jeered, ”Bleh, you are the only Pegasus in the family! You are different, and we are all together, all in union against you, all the same, all beautiful, all horses, and in short… all BETTER THAN YOU, BLEH!”

Bleh tried to smile and still be nice and patient, but she had had to deal with doing that for her whole life-6 years-and she was getting tired of it. She decided that her patience was over.
“HEY!” She cried, blushing red as the sunset now breaking through the thinning storm clouds and painting the sky. Beauty looked delighted with what she had done. Bleh was feeling livid, Mare was laughing quietly, and Little-mare hovered uncertainly between them. Bleh was so upset, she growled like a dog, rushing at Beauty and threatening to bite her. Beauty was very dismayed when Bleh, finally realizing that Beauty wasn’t taking the threat seriously, extended her face towards her, her leering teeth evil points against a deep, gaping mouth of a fierce, winged steed, and LICKED HER, having Beauty reveal that she was really white, and her pink was just paint!
“How dare you!!!!!!” she cried, ”That was my pink! Oh, fine,” She admitted, as she saw the others’ accusing faces, “I’m not actually pink, I’m white! All right, you all know my secret! I’ll just go, then! And don’t you dare tell anyone else!” With that, she stomped off.
“We are your siblings! We have to all be together, Beauty, or else we can’t have prizes!” cried Little-mare.
“What on earth are you talking about, Little-mare! Prizes? What kind of prizes?”
“SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” burst out Little-mare, and he sneezed so loud that he jumped up and landed on Mare! Everyone laughed, and the tension began to fall away a bit. Then, Beauty stood up on two hooves, and began to dance. Their giggling grew, and that was the end of their fight. Little-mare had stopped it by being strange, but Bleh was forever changed, and she became unkind and heartless constantly after that first, awful fight. And this is why, to this day, that people don’t believe in Pegasuses. They cruelly hide so that humans never see them, and it all started with Bleh.

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Reihaneh – 30 May 2020


Meghan N. – 14 January 2017

Sad ending but a good plot.

Kitty Leung – 22 March 2016