Written by Josh

Chapter 1

Move out of the way, he thought. If there was one thing Jess Rogers couldn't stand, it was young children walking slowly on the zebra crossing. The thoughts he thought, oh the things he could do in so much time. Maybe he was crazy, but maybe he was genius. His next thought could send him to jail, but any place would be better than his home.

A lousy place. A stupid place. An idiotic, useless, dumb home.
His home had been called all these things. It wasn't like he littered all over the place. In fact, it was actually quite clean. But it was his reputation that made him seem like an idiot. He had gotten fired from 6 jobs in the last month.

>From all this info, your probably thinking he was illiterate. But honestly, it was next action that sent him to eternal misery.

Chapter 2

"But why?" he asked, his ring clanging against the bars.
"I have been sent here, and I realize why. But honestly, your not making any sense on why I must be sent to the special jail cell!"   
His eyes instantly narrowed. "For lunatics!"

"Dear friend, you have committed a crime! I am just here to say good-bye to you once and for all. I don't want anything to do with you now. You know I respect you - well I did, but it's just too much. I, Jackson Jeller, CANNOT have a friend who is in jail. Besides, next week I move to New York! I doubt you want to come to the airport and cry with me!"
This was Jess's friend Jackson talking, and like any other friend would, he had come to talk with Jess about the crime he had committed.

"Oh brother! Why must you act like I am so violent? One act!
One act, I say! Dear friend, I want to come with you and cry!

"I must go! But every time you think you should be out of jail, just remember why you are there! You ran people over! With a truck! And to think you were a peaceful man! Good gravy! I am leaving. Good bye! I hope your misery fades. But if it doesn't, then oh well."

Not much had happened in the past hour. Jess couldn't remember why he was there, but he did know one thing; his best friend had just left him to fend for himself.

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Reihaneh – 30 May 2020

overall pretty good!

puppy854292 – 7 November 2018

It was very good. Chapter 2 was a little confusing at first.

ballerinarose – 8 May 2015

A little more discription would be nice.. but overall pretty good!

Alicia – 7 April 2014

Good story, I guess.

Madeline – 2 December 2013

Jess is now all alone? Completely?