Father's Ring

Written by Jinx

I don’t believe it. How did it become like this? Is this what they call “destiny” or “fate”? Who is the lady standing before me? She has on a deep magenta dress… the colour of rhododendron flowers, with a matching hat and heels. A long necklace with golden butterflies adorned to complete the look. I would not have thought that as strange but, her lashes and rosy cheeks were embedded with deep purple sapphires, it glinted in the orange light of sunset. Her image was etched into my eyes, her fiery auburn hair would never be forgotten, her elegant figure, similar to that of a model’s. But why was she here? I was no one important, just an ordinary 14 year old female teenager.

My Father has already passed away, because of a car accident when he was trying to save Mum, she can’t seem to get over it. The only memento I have of him is a ring he always wore on his little finger, it’s a simple golden ring but it shines very bright and pure and it also has a strange symbol on it. I keep it on a chain and wear it as a necklace. It has been my lucky charm ever since he passed away when I was eight… somehow it seems like I’ve always been saved by a mysterious power from the ring. I only noticed recently that it has a strange symbol on it, I tried to find out what it meant but, nothing was found, at all. I know I should have tried to find out more because it certainly has some connection to the lady standing before me. She was waiting in front of my house, waiting for me.

“Who might you be, miss?” I managed to let the words flow out of my mouth, looking calmer than I actually was.
“Milady Amelia, I have come to escort you.”
Milady? Was she talking about me? I’m starting to hope that this is a dream…
“Whoever you are, please come in and talk with my mother inside the house, first.” Remembering that I still didn’t know her name, I continued, “Um, what should I call you?”
I can clearly see that the lady was hesitating, I’m sure that when she answers me, she won’t tell me her true name, she’ll only tell me her fake name. Definitely. “You must not address me with such casual words, milady, I am but a lowly servant! However, as it seems to be the custom of this land, you shall call me Mel, short for Melissa.” This land? So Mel is a foreigner? Questions were piling up in my mind… as I opened the front door, to my greatest surprise; my mother was already standing there in wait.
“LIZZY! It’s been so long! I’ve missed you so much! Why didn’t you come for over thirteen years?!”  Wait a minute. Mum knows this person? Who is she exactly? Why does she know my family? 

Mum’s attitude had completely changed. I was standing there, paralysed, in total shock when I realised that I was already sitting on the sofa. “Amy! Earth to Amy! Dear, let me reintroduce you, this is my twin sister Melissa, your Aunt. She has been assisting your father before he got into that accident. Presently, she is assisting your Uncle, your father’s twin. I know that you have not been told this before but both of us have twins, living in another kingdom. There is more to this matter but, we will reveal more in time. This was your father’s last wish, to let you succeed him. I have been watching over for fourteen years and I can see that you have the potential, the talent. You will be able to do it.”
When I glanced at the two of them, sitting next to each other opposite me, I thought I could start to see their resemblance, it was quite difficult because of their very different clothing and makeup at the moment they are polar opposites. I could still see how close they were, though.

“Oh… Amy, this is quite important information and I think that it is time. Time to tell you the reason behind Lizzy’s sudden visit.” My mother glanced at Aunt Mel, a clear sign that she was hesitating. Aunt Mel nodded to her, urging her on. Then suddenly, I could hear their voices, in my head, like I was reading their minds…
It’s the right time to tell her, Jessica.
Are you really sure about this, Melissa?
Yes, she deserves to know the truth, and the reason why we live in different kingdoms.
I know how important it is, but is this really necessary?
I might never –
No, I am going to make sure that she will be able to visit here.
Or you could move to Everdyn.
It’s still too risky for her! She might die!
I told you that I will protect her. She wo-
“What do you mean by I might die?” I blurted out in frustration. This was getting too weird for me to cope. The reason they live in different kingdoms? Everdyn? It’s so risky that I might die?
This is absurd! “She definitely has the potential. It really has reached the time the prophecy has foretold.” The two ladies said simultaneously. They really are twins.
“You tell her, Lizzy.” My mother sighed, tears started to well in her eyes. My Aunt put a comforting arm around my mother then started, though I noticed that she also had tears in her eyes and a hint of uncertainty in her voice.
“Amelia, you’re actually a princess.”

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lu hart – 29 June 2020

can you please make a second book

Reihaneh – 31 May 2020

Wonderful and amazing. I so like this story

Meghan N. – 14 January 2017


Livi – 3 June 2016

A good read, I would be more than happy to be the first (or second) to know more about this story. A tale to be read, a story to be admired. Please, if you can manage, write another tale related to this impressive story? -Livi Shira Kaylan Or Liviana S. K.

Kitty Leung – 22 March 2016

Please keep writing this story! I love it!!!

Emmaline – 31 August 2015

Yes, I would definitely like to hear more about this story. I was confused a little, but this could be a very good read.

Diddo – 19 February 2015

Oh my goodness I want to know more!!!

Ella Rose – 7 November 2014

Tell me more! That was amazing!

Chloe – 3 July 2014

Wow, you write great! Waiting for more !

Isabella Rozario – 6 March 2014


MiKayla – 14 December 2013

This is really cool. Wanna know more!