George Washington's Mystery

Written by Courtney


Hello, I'm Courtney! I'd like to publish a short story I made when I was like, 9. XD

Once upon a time, there lived a dog named Sam. He wasn't like other dogs, as he was far more curious in the human world. He had learned a lot, but not enough.

One day, Sam was walking home to his shack (that was abandoned) when he heard a strange noise. Confused, and startled, he stopped, thoughts racing through his mind. Nothing. He continued on. A few minutes later, he heard another sound.
He paused, confused. The sound vanished as soon as it had come. He continued on walking.
He didn't hear the sound again, but as he finally arrived at his shack, he had been thinking.
He wanted to be a detective!


The very next day, Sam had created a small stand. He had found an old can strewn across the ground, (No Littering!) which he made do as a money collector.
He brought his stand to the nearby town, and waited for those who were going through a mysterious time. A few minutes later, an old man walked up to the stand, in those days known as George Washington. George Washington, looking very stressed, exclaimed to Sam.
"Someone stole my wallet!" 

Sam, being a very sensible dog, replied, in human language: "Oh why sir, I can help you! It'll only cost a penny! Just sit down, relax, and describe your robber and wallet to me."


George Washington did as Sam said, describing in punctual detail, the description of the robber and wallet, (As all presidents should). Sam had taken out a notebook and was drawing frantically, his tongue working it's way between his teeth as he concentrated. Finally, after a few minutes Sam produced his art work.

"Voila!" The drawing was of a lady, her face split in a huge grin, apparently Mexican, as she danced in the sunset of a far a way bay in Mexico. 

George Washington yelled at Sam for a few minutes, and then walked away muttering something about wasted time. Sam realized he wasn't a good detective, if he apparently wasted people's time, and so he retired.


The end!

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Oola – 3 September 2020

I love it!

Reihaneh – 31 May 2020

This is good I really like it

chloe.b – 28 February 2019
Grace – 17 May 2017

That was a good story I really like it

Joanna – 1 April 2017

Nice story!

Meghan N. – 14 January 2017

Give me a "C O U R T N E Y" Go Courtney Yeah!!!

Avril – 1 October 2015

A very surprising ending. Amazing imagination for a 9 year old.

Briteny – 8 May 2015