Good and Evil

Written by Winston Setiawan


Inspired by the first two pages of the book "Good and Evil" and also my own experience.

There are two states,
We normally go through in life;
The good, of ones with high fates,
And the evil, of ones we live to strive.

You may say of the opposites,
"These two does not match!"
I think that your opinion is parasite.
It's quite a hard realization to catch.

Let me explain more deeply,
Of the tales of these two friends.
The dark meets the light, surely,
But do you know how they both depend?
On each other, a strange feeling.
Of one smiling, and one weeping.

One with compassion,
And the other, the distraction.
One clinging on for hope,
And the other, a broken rope.

Let me tell you a story,
Of these two friends.
The question of history,
What is right, but does not bend.

A good deed is not a destiny.
They are feelings outside our doors.
A bad deed, is of curiosity,
We are their ultimate source.

What may you think,
Of goodness?
A positive deed to link?
Or progress?

What is progress?
A continuing process?
Things of our access?
Is pride always by our side?

No, progress is not an achievement
Progress is never a good deed
It can just be a reason
Evil can conquer it with ease

Good lies in the center
Where evil cannot touch
But good can still budge
And the cunning evil grows too much

The good was never the positive
For some deeds can hurt others
And bad was never the negative
For not all things makes you go farther

It is a matter of time before we figured
That they're both in equality
None of them are the better
And none of them are the disorderly

In equality, they are
Deeds of which we encounter
In balance, they strive
We cannot give only one dishonor

So know this now, that they are equal
Balance contains our lives much more
This is not only one approval
This is what we live life for

Without evil there is no good
And for so, the opposite
But for me, life is a equal scheme
It may not be what it seems
For the balance in life continues

We all do not have the same dialect
We have specialties that we lack
And we have weaknesses, in fact
Life is unfair, you can say that
But good and evil that's a complicated prospect

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Taanirika Sharma – 23 August 2021

Very Good

Reihaneh – 31 May 2020

Really good

Anonymous – 20 November 2015


Random – 22 June 2015

That was just great!!! How do you write so well???