I Want, You Want

Written by Lily Kwak and Ariella Breyer

There once lived two twins named Chloe and Maddie. They never got along with each other. Their mother always had to break their fights. One day, Chloe and Maddie went to the store with their mother. They saw a beautiful doll that they both wanted. Unfortunately, there was only one left. Chloe cried, “I want that doll!” “No, I want that doll!” shouted Maddie. They kept on arguing until their mother shouted, “Stop!” Their mother was so embarrassed that she dragged them out of the shop.

The day after that, we went to a playground and saw a girl with a sparkly bracelet hanging from her wrist. Chloe and Maddie ran to the sparkly bracelet. Maddie reached for the bracelet first and tugged on the bracelet. Chloe came next and started to pull the bracelet from Maddie. Then, the girl started to scream as loud as she had ever done before. She had no clue who those girls were and what they were doing to her. As soon as the girl screamed, both mothers came rushing to her. “What is the meaning of this?” Chloe and Maddie’s mom shouted. Then the girl told them some things about herself. “My name is Ella. I have no idea who these girls are what they are doing to my bracelet!” “Maddie and Chloe! You two are being very spoiled! Let go of that bracelet this instant!” Their mother said angrily. The two girls pulled the bracelet one last time and pop went the bracelet! Ella cried so hard that there was a puddle of water left when she stopped crying. Ella’s mom explained to Maddie and Chloe’s mom how that very bracelet was very special because it had been passed down from generations to generations. Chloe and Maddie’s mom said that she was very, very sorry and that she would buy Ella a brand new bracelet. Ella was still very upset, but there was nothing she could do anymore. Ella and her mother stomped home and Chloe and Maddie cried. Once again, their mother had to drag them home.

At home, Chloe and Maddie's mom thought that she should do something about Chloe and Maddie. She called the childcare and reserved a spot for Monday. Soon on Monday, Chloe and Maddie went to the childcare. As soon as their mother left, they saw a purple unicorn stuffed animal. As always, they ran to the stuffed animal. Then they pulled, and then the childcare teacher, Mrs. Flower, told them to stop. Chloe and Maddie both shouted that they wanted the stuffed animal. Mrs. Flower said, “If you want it, why don’t you share it?” Chloe and Maddie said, “We don’t want to.” Then Mrs. Flower thought of a wonderful idea! Mrs. Flower said, “Do you want kindness?” Chloe and Maddie thought about the question and said, “What is kindness?” “Kindness is a nice thing you do for other,” Mrs. Flower replied. Chloe and Maddie thought that they would like this feeling about helping others and wanted to do this better than Mrs. Flower could ever imagine. So they said, “We want kindness!” “Okay, but if you want kindness, you have to share with each other.” Mrs. Flower said. So, Chloe and Maddie thought about it, and in the middle of their thinking, Mrs. Flower said, “So, do you want kindness or not?” Chloe and Maddie shouted at the top of their lungs, “Yes! Yes! We’ll share!” “Great!” said Mrs. Flower.

As soon as childcare was over they had to go to the toy store because it was their birthday. Then, as soon as their mother saw one sparkly bracelet, their mother pulled them out of the column. But Chloe and Maddie had already seen it. They cried, “Can we have it? We’ll Share!” Their mother was so surprised but she said, “Of course!” So, they bought a special birthday gift to share. From then on, they never had a single fight over sharing items. Their mother knew that they had learned a special lesson!

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Reihaneh – 31 May 2020


dancer7282 – 7 November 2018

It was a very amazing story. Great Job! How old are Maddie and Chole?

Meghan N. – 15 January 2017

Lily K. & Ariella B.- Great story!!

Ballerinarose – 7 May 2015

Hi! good idea... but it is more like a draft than a story. But very good nonetheless!.

Kelly H. – 3 September 2014

A very well written story.

lauren:0 – 8 October 2013

Very good story and should be told to lots of little children who fight over toys and other objects.