Love of the Sea

Written by Raya Kaiyo


This story is about a tribal girl from my made up jungle world, who loves the sea, and is forced to marry for advantage away from the ocean. She soon finds up that her and her future husband's tribes are up to no good. I hope you guys like it.

The ocean is the most wonderful thing in Earth. It's beauty is hard to match. There is something about it, it's mysterious, and wondrous. I could not imagine life without it.

I sat at the edge of the ocean, staring into the deep blue, almost black water. Stars shone brilliantly in the black sky and danced in the reflection of the slightly moving sea. I put my hand into it, moving it around and making small waves, smiling as the ripples made the star dance even more so on water. I frowned as she stood up, and stared in the depth of the ocean. This was it, the last time I would see the beautiful water, the last time I would stare at the horizon and see nothing but sky and sea, the last time I would hear the waves of the nearby beach. Tears swelled in my eyes, and I let them fall freely. I sat down on the flat rock with a thud, sobbing as I knew I would never be by the ocean again. Tomorrow I would have to leave my home forever, and travel deep into the jungle to marry someone I didn't know, to seal an alliance for my tribe. I was so angry when my father told me. As a chief's daughter, I had this duty to marry for advantage, according to my father. But I know he just wanted to take over the whole southern part Janaku Jungle. That is why he wanted an alliance with the horrid Chief Malikai of the Takanyu tribe. I shuddered at the thought of him. I may not have known what he looked like, but from what I had heard from my mother, he was horrible. I let the tears run freely, as I said good by to the ocean, and walked home.

I said goodbye to my friends and family members the next day, and headed with some members from my tribe, such as women to wait on me, and some Takanyu tribe warriors to protect me really, into the unknown of the jungle. We walked for many, many days, and I was utterly miserable. The jungle was so dense, but I made landmarks mentally to remember the way home just to make myself feel better. We arrived at the Takanyu village after weeks of travel. It was a magnificent place, but it had no ocean anywhere near it, so it was not nearly as wonderful to me as it would be to most people. I was welcomed with many gifts and kind words from villagers. I didn't want any of it. People would think me snobby, but this was not the case, for I knew what dark secrets were held in the southern jungle. I had overheard my father talking about taking it over.

I was led to a huge house built between two massive trees. It was decorated with gold and jewels. I was in awe for a moment, but quickly caught myself. Once inside, panic rose in my chest. Whoever I was about to meet, I would have to marry him! I was led into a grand room and the chief walked over to us. I was shocked by what I saw. He was young, tall and the most attractive person I had ever seen. For a moment, my girlish nature took over and I was staring at him in awe, but regained control of myself and began to hate him once more.

"Welcome, Takara!" He said.

I bowed in respect, but I was raging on the inside.

"Thank you, Chief Mailkai."

He smiled at me and I wanted to smack him.

"I hope your journey here was well." He went on.

"Yes, it was." I said, but I was near to tears.

"Excellent! I hope you will like it here in Takayu Village." He answered.

"It is quite lovely here." Was all I could say, for I missed the ocean so much.

Should I give him a chance? I asked myself. I decided I would.

"Well, you must be tried. I will have someone show you to your room." He said kindly. "Jylia! Show Takara to her room."

So, he's super bossy, I pointed out as a young woman showed me to my room.

"Well, with alliance with the Kanika chief, we will have a powerful army and be able to finally continue with our plans!" A week before my wedding, and a few weeks after I had gotten there, I was walking by a room where Malikai and and one of his advisors were talking, and at first I was going to walk past, but their conversation has caught my attention.

"Indeed, Chief! What about Chief Leanako?"

"That fool? Do not worry about him! We will rule the Southern part of the jungle, you shall see."

Those monsters! They are worse than I thought.

"What about Takara? What will you do with her?" The advisor asked.

I listened, worried for my fate.

"Takara? She will be by my side. I was worried that Chief Leanako's daughter would be as annoying and ugly has him, but I was very wrong."

I was raging at this, and I knew what I had to do. I would not be by that monster's side, or by my father's or anyone's! The jungle was doomed, and I would not be a part of it! I had to get to the sea, before I exploded, I had been away from my home to long. I ran and packed what I could, a weapon included, and snuck from Takayu Village.

I had journeyed for many weeks, long and perilous it was, but I made it alive, and through the last of the trees I heard a sound that made my heart leap. The crash of waves. I ran through the leaves of the bushes and saw the ocean. Tears sprang to my eyes ran up to it and I waded in. I looked to the horizon, and knew that was where I was headed. The sight of the ocean made my heart soar, but I knew I would have to work fast. I snuck to the edge of my home village and stole a fishing boat. Dragging to the sea, I was startled by a voice.

"Daughter, why are you here?"

"Mother!" I said and hugged her. "Mother, the jungle is in danger, and I don't know how to stop it!"

My mother stroked my hair.

"I knew it was a matter of time. If you must leave, then leave. I knew nothing could keep you from the sea."

I looked up to her. She was the one good person I knew.

"Come with me, mother!" I said.

"I cannot. I must stay here."

"Why?!" I asked, starting to cry.

"Because I must, now go! Goodbye, my daughter."

My mother let go of me, and helped me with my boat. I was lucky my father taught me to sail.

"Mother, are you sure?"

She looked at me, confidence on her face.

"Yes, and I have reasons."

I got in and started to paddle. I was crying hard, but I managed to say goodbye. I knew she had reasons, and I knew I would spend the rest of my life figuring it out. But for now, I was on the sea. The boat glided away from shore, and into the horizon. Where would I go from here? I did not know, but on the ocean and free, I would soon figure it out. The stars shone on the ocean, it was even more amazing on the water. I put my hand in, and smiled. I was home.

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Reihaneh – 31 May 2020

Goood story

Emily – 30 May 2020

You’re such a talented writer! I loved the story and it was so well told, I’d be delighted to see a sequel xxx

Jahnavi – 4 September 2017

Sorry, spelt Raya wrong

Jahnavi – 4 September 2017

Daughter of Poseidon. He is the God of the sea. You know, Greek mythology and stuff. I am actually a fan of the "Percy Jackson" series and the other ones. Which kind of books do you like to read, Raiya

Bluejay – 3 August 2017

Well done! I like your story, I like the plot. 10/10!