Written by Winston Setiawan

I felt the cold breeze running through me, whispering to my ears. The air was humid, I can barely breathe. My eyes were still closed. I didn't know what is ahead of me or where I am. I just felt my own breath, and hear my own heart, beating. I asked to myself 'Should I open my eyes?'. There maybe danger to where I will see myself in, what type of condition I am in.
Would something good happen? Or something bad? Would my favorite thing pop out? Or will I just scream at what I hate most?

My mind was racing, every piece of possibilities circled around me. I decided to just take the risk and go with it. I flickered my sleepy eyes, seeing myself in a big, empty room, with no windows to see. The place was dark and cold, the walls were all black. I can barely see the room. I see a shining white light right above me. I tried to move about, but something was stopping me on my way, as if something was pulling me hard. I cannot seem to let go off the strong grip.
I looked at my back to see what it was. To my surprise, someone wasn't pulling me.

My hands and feet was tied to the walls. I pulled as hard as I can, but the strings were too hard.
I see myself stretched wide, still in my night wear. I was above ground. I saw a glimpse of two doors on the far edge of the room. I asked myself 'Where am I?'. My heart starts to beat faster, thinking of more things to encounter, more thing I should really avoid. All of a sudden, the two doors open, revealing a white light from a distance. On the doors, was a strange figure. I can see its horns upon its head, its sharp claws on his hand. It walked to me, slowly, thumping the ground at every move, as if it was about to fall. I have never seen such a creature, standing on its 2 hind legs, with claws and horns. The view came clearer to me. What I encounter, is the creature I fear most. A creature so dangerous, it can chop humans at one strike of its jaws. And most surprisingly, its standing on two legs. Its curved horns on its head. Its crest on its back, and its long tail. Its scales shone in the bright light, glowing. Its eyes, fiery and destructive. Its jaggered teeth, sharp and strong, the threat. Its wings, still hidden behind the light. I gasped under my breath, hoping that nothing will happen to me, as long as I am here and he is here.

"Hello, Drake. How are you doing?"

I was shocked. It actually talked to me. What kind of place is this?! I replied, in murmurs.

"Wh-h-here a-am I?"

He smirked at me, saying.

"Welcome to my world, my friend."

He opened his jaws wide, and muched the cold air. My eyes widen, hearing what he has to say. My chest began to thud, as my heart pump faster. I was frightened, by these fantastical creatures, I was. This may be the worse thing that can happen in my whole entire life. I was still struggling to remove the rigid strings. My fear became more and more of a matter as the events follow.
I can see him, laughing at me, at how fearful I am, how frightened I am to see him, face to face, as I was locked, nowhere to run. All I can do is wait for my slaughter.

While I closed my eyes, waiting. Something turned its way. I awoke, seeing myself on my bed.
It was still night time as I sat down on my bed. It was a nightmare. A nightmare I would never forget, for it would be the one I most feared.

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Reihaneh – 1 June 2020


Reihaneh – 31 May 2020


line – 30 March 2015

sometimes i dream about real things that makes me scared over the night. the other night i had the scarious dream of all, and when i got to school i could not even tell my bff about it

Winston – 27 September 2013

Just a small short story. Thanks for the comment

Isobel C. – 28 August 2013

Winston; An interesting story, some minor problems with past/present/future tense and a few missing letters but overall a good start. It almost sounds like the beginning of a book...?