Written by Winston Setiawan


This is just the first chapter I wrote from my original story, Stranded. You can check it out at

The rays of light shone through the windows. I buried my face inside the bed sheets, trying to defend from the white light. My eyes were still closed. I think of what it would be of today. Then, the clock screamed. I closed my left ear hard, putting out my right hand out of my sheets. My eyes still closed. I reached for the clock, hitting it hard, continuously before it stopped. I opened my sheets and opened my eyes wide. I sat on my bed, looking at my feet. I turned around to see my daily calendar. I pointed out my finger on today's date. 'It's today.' I thought to myself. I stood up to reflex my muscles. Then, I heard a loud call outside my bedroom. "Merlin!". I replied with a loud 'what'. "Get dressed!" I took my shower and used my clothes. A blue shirt and black pants. I went down the stairs, to the dining room. Seeing my wife, cooking. The children were talking about all these things on the table, while waiting for their breakfast to arrive. They looked at me. "Morning dad." I gave a kiss on their foreheads. I walked to my wife, seeing her flip the pancakes. She looked at me and smiled. "Your big day isn't it?" I replied.
"Yes. Its going to be a good day today." My wife gave another smile at me. I sat on the edge on the table, beside my children. Mary asked. "So, what are you going to do today dad?" I stroked her hair. "I will be out for 2 days, on a ship." Jonathan asked. "Will we ever get on a ship?" 

I replied. "Yes. I will invite you and my mother for a small trip when I get home." The kids cheered for joy. Clare joined us with 4 plates of pancakes and a coffee. "Eat up. You need energy for your activities. Especially you Merlin." I nodded at her and grinned. After I ate my breakfast, I came up to my room to get my bag. I go down to the door way. A taxi I reserved was waiting for me. As I walked down from my house, my wife and children appeared at the doorsteps, waving their last goodbyes to me. I waved back. I get in the taxi, putting my bag on my side.
The driver asked me. "Where to?" I replied. "Point Harbour."


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Reihaneh – 1 June 2020