The Animal Adventure

Written by CC

Chapter 1

Stuffed animals in this world have many adventures, but there's usually one animal that has the most fun.
       This first took place in early fall, when the leaves were changing into small miracles of nature, in their bright hues of red, and orange, and yellow, falling of the swiftly bearing winter trees. Cool, soft, sweet, soothing air seeped slowly in, into a window of a house that belonged to a girl, and her sister and brother, both toddler-age. Her parents loved the toddlers, but neither one seemed too concerned for a teenager girl who lived there too, waiting to be noticed.

 The window lead into this girl's bedroom, her bunk bed happened to be close by it,  and in that, stuffed animals lay, still, but not still for long. They would adjust when the girl left the room.
But, she had not left it yet. She touched a very large stuffed horse, and chanted, ”Beauty, Beauty... come on, let us go. It's thanksgiving, and you will get to come with me outside to jump in the leaves... and then be at the feast tonight. Are you hungry?”
Beauty looked into the girl's beautiful blue eyes, and then down at her own pink fur. What was thanksgiving? Outside? She would get dirty! She would get leaves all over her pink fur that she had risked grooming that morning!
A feast, though? That sounded wonderful at the moment. The kids were on fall break from school this week. In other words, the animals were being watched every second, in some way. They all hadn't been able to come to life as much as they usually did because they couldn't risk being caught by a human, the worst of witch was their owner, the teenage girl.

Beauty let the girl drag her out of bed and pull her into the outside world, where cold wind whipped her tail all over. She had decided it wasn't going to be so horrible when te girl skipped along the old trail toward the back of the house. She glimpsed a huge pile of leaves, pulsing color through Beauty's sleepy eyelids.
She gasped aloud, and the owner dropped her in surprise. Oh no! She couldn't move in front of her! But she didn't want to leap into that, either!!

But what if it was comfy, cozy, perfect for practicing her acrobatic dive she hadn't practiced for over a week! It looked so, now that she had looked more closely. The teenage girl said to her,
”I won't look girl... if you jump in the leaves by yourself... if you move!”
Beauty wouldn't! She would spoil everything by revealing herself! But she wouldn't look! She'd left! Beauty looked at the pile of  hulking leaves. It would be comfortable! The girl currently wasn't looking! With a sigh, she took her choice.

Beauty sprang to life. She felt her pink tail whipping in the wind, her pink mane being blown back harshly. She couldn't stop now. She couldn't turn back... and now she saw, too late, that the girl was watching from behind the fence.
Beauty fell. She screamed. Sticks and twigs stabbed her. She frantically changed to her stuffed features, where she was unable to feel pain.  

After the feast, witch turned out great because no one noticed a stuffed horse lying on the ground by the girl, while the girl smuggled her bits of food from her plate, Beauty began to feel bored. The girl took her in her arms and read her Lovely Pink, and then sang her a song, a chanting one about lovely roses in the sunshine. Beauty listened, and thought, ”this girl is as kind and pretty as a daisy in late spring. I'll call her May.”
May stroked Beauty, and whispered soothingly. Beauty couldn't wait until she was in bed with everyone else and hiss at them.
But when she saw the girl go to her silent, stuffy bedroom, she did not even glance at Beauty, but hurried after her spoiled little sister so they could secretly talk about other things their brother didn't know about. The stale, dirty carpet was not comforting. Beauty was alone, and broken, left behind for the night by her owner, who was so wrapped up I her own life to pay attention to stuffed animals.

No doubt she wouldn't stop thinking about Colbie Caillat, a famous singer, and Taylor Swift, and Kelly Clarkson, and also horses. Her whole wall of her new bedroom was filled with pictures of wild, beautiful horses. She didn't come back for Beauty.
She grew cold, and a noise from May's fish kept startling her into wakefulness. She stared boredly at the still, sweet-smelling polished wood entry way, and suddenly jumped!
A pale purple figure was moving into Beauty's sight. It was definitely not a dream, either. Beauty trotted into a shadow, and the figure sprang forward like a kitten. It would get her... attack her like a tiger... and if she moved at all, it would spring at her again!
A jolt of fear pulled her off her feet, and she ran forward. In the dim moonlight filtering in from a window, she could make out a tail... mane... hooves... wings!

“BLEH!!! “ She cried so loud her friend jumped,” I was really scared for a minute!”
 the lavender Pegasus let out a loud sigh.
“Ya know-oh, what did May do with you? I saw her graboo and I tout, poor beauty. Then I-” Bleh began, but Beauty shook her head, laughing at Bleh's accent, and then said, ”Look! What's that, Bleh?”
Beauty rubbed early-winter frost off the window and peered out with Bleh. Ashy white flakes drifted down onto the ground! A few carolers walked by, their breath like smoke against the hazy, black sky.
What were they? Beauty was captivated and terrified at the same time. It was all over the trees, the cars, the road, and the roofs of houses!
But then, just as Bleh was about to flap her powerful wings, crying wildly for mercy, she finally understood.
“By golly! By golly it's SNOW!!!!” cried Bleh. Beauty looked shocked. Snow? What was snow? What would it do?

Chapter 2

“Snow?” asked Beauty,”What is snow?”
“Snow is white stuff that falls down during winter. Kids play in it, but it's really cold!”
Winter? It was a little early this year then, thought Beauty. She told this to her friend, and was answered by Bleh's snore.
“Come on, Bleh!” Beauty sighed impatiently, and lay down beside her friend.

The horses awoke early, the first chirping of birds a wake-up call. Soft as beetles, they crossed the threshold, away from May's living room. Beauty ran through the open door softly after Bleh. They were now in  May's bedroom. They slipped silently and softly into the dark, warm, and stuffy room that spoke of someone sleeping.
May muttered something in her sleep. Beauty knew she had said something about Colbie Caillat. May never stopped thinking about Colbie Caillat.
Bleh flew up onto the bunk rail easily, for there is no traffic in the air. Beauty bumped a toy, and it sang out loudly, “DONG DONG!! TIME TO START THE MUZEENIEE HOEDOWN!!”

Beauty jumped and thought, what is the Muzeenee hoedown? That doesn’t make any sense! The toy then began singing a cow-boyish heyday song. May would wake up soon for sure. It startled Beauty into a leap onto the edge of the highest bunk. She then lost her balance and toppled onto Mare, who bit her. Bleh was hovering beside May's frame. May stroked them both, and the horses knew that it was not going to work- May now knew that they could move. Bleh shifted into a more comfy position. May leaned over and straddled Bleh cautiously. Flapping her wings, she flew out into the living room, and then outside, into the cold night. May rode on her the whole day, and not just around the backyard. They traveled all around the world, stopping when they saw pretty flowers and good weather. When they returned into the beautiful blue sky, to the house, May wouldn't stop thanking her.

“I had a wonderful winter season, and it was all because of wild pink and wild purple.” whispered May dreamily.  Right then, both animals felt like they would rather be nowhere else, then this place, at this time, witch was warm, safe, and perfect.

Chapter 3

Early one morning, Bleh cleared her throat and said that there were only a few patches of icy snow outside. It was spring! Alribbit had burrowed himself in blankets, and was hibernating.
“Wake up, it's spring you frog!” cried Bleh. Alribbit sprang up, and trilled, ”It's sprrrrrrring!!!”
From out in the living room, he heard May shouting, ”We'll do a play!”
The next minute he knew, he was pulled onto - ooooohhhh!
On the floor, May had spread out a light blue blanket. The walls were covered with paper tree and bushes. They were beautiful! Frogg liked everything, especially the canoe.
It was a fake canoe, and green. On the sides lay carvings of clover and ivy.
Frogg was about to gasp aloud! He was going to have to move and talk in the play. It wasn't hard, though it wasn't fair.

May climbed into the canoe, and Bleh flew in front of her and said,
“This is the story of the first spring.”
“Do the rest, Bleh,” whispered the trout beside Frogg in raspy voices.
“One day, May went out in her canoe. As May-”
“No, in the play, my name is Lei.” said May.
“As Leo -” Bleh began.
“No, Lei!” May cried.
Frogg looked out the window at a squirrel and wondered who wanted to be called Lei! Why didn't she want to be called Colbie? She was so obsessed with Colbie Caillat that Frogg was truly surprised that she hadn't mentioned her.
“Lei began to row the canoe.” said Bleh. May seemed satisfied.
“GOOD GIRL!!!” May said, straitening a fold of the blanket.
Beauty walked up then. She said, ”She spied two fine horses, Beauty and Bleh.”
Then who else in the play could come trotting up but Captain Mare! May was using their loyal Chief Mare, a chestnut charger, for a kids' play!
Mare's expression was hard, like a war captain might have when leading his army.
“She told them to hop into the canoe.” said Mare hotly, and his breath held the heavy smell of horse.
May stepped back, obviously girly enough to wince at one whiff.
“So... what happened?” asked May, setting her gaze on Mare. His fur shivered.
“The girl-” he began, when May stepped forward and SLAPPED MARE!!!!!
“ANIMALS! CALL... ME... LEI!!!!!” She shouted. All the animals gasped. Mare, who's eyes were flashing with anger, and who was standing tall and strong, suddenly flopped down, dull and dim, expressionless.
“Mare, don't become a toy, now! Stay alive, and do the play!” hissed Alribbit. Mare considered, then returned to his former position.
“The lake animals swam and swam, and Lei rode in her new canoe.” said Mare, ”The end.”
Spring was beautiful. Frogg named a baby frog that had emerged - Sparkleribbits!
The waterlilies dipped themselves into the clear water, and all was still and silent.

Chapter 4

Spring was blown away with a hot, dry wind that spoke of summer. May's mood seemed more carefree, and she was managing to spend more time with the animals. Heavy-furred Bleh complained that she was too hot, that the sun was beating down on her. She didn't mind winter, fall, or spring, but she thought summer was too much. Mare, however, loved summer, and played and ran with athletic Beauty. The captain's eyes twinkled, and when he was the racehorse, fur sweating, medal just waiting for him, they flashed. His strong, ebony-black hooves struck the ground like thunder, dust flung up behind him, and sometimes, delicate, small legs gripped him around his middle, and sitting up as tall as ever, May's golden-brown hair flew wild as Mare cantered down the freshly-cut grasses, under the cloudless sky.

Then as they slowed to a walk, a carefree girl would run up to May, and stroke Mare, and soon a new pair of kegs would be gripping him, Mare racing as wildly as before.
But not just anyone walking out of the park could ride him and feel as secure as May could.
Mare learned to love and trust May as much as a real pet would, if he would ever be such. Then, a birthday arose, and that birthday was May's. It came closer, and closer, and then... it came.
Clothes and toys littered the ground on that day. May was too busy uncovering gifts to pay much attention to her animals. Mare was getting bored. May was thirteen, a true teenager. This was a big day in her life, and Mare wouldn't spoil it for her.
The gift Mare admired most was a pair of ruby slippers. His heart beat fast as May tore off the scarlet wrappings, and he saw May smile and slip the elegant things on. They fit her. Would they fit... him?? Ruby hooves... to slip on and off.... perfect for a captain.... his dream... come... true.
Mare lay beside May. It wasn't very comfy. May must have needed more space in her bed too, because she dropped Mare over the side of it.
“I'll fly you up here again if you want, Mare.” offered Bleh, but Mare wasn't paying attention to any of them, because right there, next to him, close to his left front hoof, were the ruby slippers.
He checked that May was asleep before sliding his hooves into them. They felt downy, soft, and fresh. A small smile took Mare. He stood up in two hooves, and pressed the toy that Beauty had bumped, and began to dance to it like a human in the ruby hooves!
When the Muzeenee hoedown obnoxious heyday song was over, he rushed out to get some confetti to top it off. He came back with a packet of noodles! They were twisty and twirly, and some were different colors then normal, green, orange, and purple. He posed, then threw them all over the room!
A crow tapped on the window.
Oh, thought Mare, those must be May's party guests! And, thinking there was completely nothing wrong, let it into the house! He also let in a rabid squirrel, a rabbit, and several flies, too in the process.
When May awoke, he said, ”aren't you proud of your valiant steed? I let your party guests in!”
“NO!!!!!” screamed May, and hit Mare!
That movement scared the rabid squirrel and rabbit, and crow, and they all flew out the window as fast as they could. Under the influence of rabies, the squirrel was hissing like a cat! May looked curiously at Mare, and took her ruby shoes away from him.

Chapter 5

It was a hot day, at least for October, when the animals were lounging around on the bed, watching, when something white came hurtling through the open window toward them! It was a small white Pegasus! Delicate, feathery wings spread from her sides! Her long, white mane whipped about her angelic face. She spoke in a delicate voice that was almost too delicate, like a whisper or a sigh. And she said, ”I'm Sky. I came to visit you, Beauty. I, of course, do not belong to you, but I am a stuffed animal.”
“Well, Sky, ”hissed Beauty, ”I expect you want my pink!”
“No, sleeping Beauty, I'm afraid I don't have much taste for pink.” said Sky simply.
“Don't you DARE call me sleeping Beauty!!!” Beauty snarled like a fierce dog.
At this, all the animals began to chant, ”Sleeping Beauty, sleeping Beauty!”
Beauty, close to tears, shoved Sky off the edge of May's bed. In rage, Sky tried to bite her, but ended up with a mouthful of wood, witch her teeth couldn't chew. She tried to lift herself off the ground, but Beauty leaped down, and pinned her to the carpet with her left front hoof!
“I have to go! My owner needs me!” she cried.

The world seemed to shake. A terrible wail of a little girl cried out, “WHERE'S SKY? I CAN'T FIND SKY!!!!! SHE'S MY FAVORITE HORSE!!!!!”
Sky inhaled sharply, and wrenched herself away from Beauty, zooming out the window.
The animals knew what had happened. If an animal moves and goes somewhere else, and their owner can't find them, the world shakes and all animals can hear the owner. The animal has to go back for it to all stop, but the owner might also see them move. That was why it was so risky to move when people were around.
“That was... harsh!” Beauty hissed.
“She just came to visit other animals, Beauty, you don't have to be mean!” Bleh said.
“Animals! I'm going to Colbie Caillat's concert! Bleh, will you accompany me on this? Can I ride ride you?”
Bleh took in a sharp intake of breath. She rose slowly, and bumped her head on the fan.
Beauty laughed at her under her breath softly.
“BLEDELEEEHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” trilled Bleh, as they flew out of the open window a few minutes later.  May's gold hair painted the wind as she told Bleh all about it. Colbie Caillat was evidently something she wouldn't tire of - EVER!
Finally, Bleh alighted on a wooden stage on the grass. Colbie shrieked in the middle of her song, and Bleh felt a little self-conscious. She flew wildly up again in the very blue sky, and then froze without thinking. Then, realized too late that she was falling! Where would they land? On top of cars, or trees, or on roofs of houses. . . or right in the middle of the concert?. . .

Chapter 6

Bleh tumbled down, and heard a thump. Where was she? Noises merged, drifting around Bleh. She was aware of the cease of singing, people shrieking, and someone saying, ”I'm sorry, Colbie! My horse lost control!”

Bleh rolled onto her aching side. 
“Oh, it's all right. I'll take her over on the grass if you will entertain my audience for awhile. Just sing anything you want into the microphone. Come here, Pegasus.”

It was Colbie... and Bleh had landed on the stage! She felt Colbie Caillat pick her up and licked her gratefully.  She knew that wasn't regular horse behavior, but she didn't know what else to do! May was singing in the microphone! Bleh heard gasps, and when Colbie set her down gently, she stood up, and saw May grinning wildly, as she finished singing “Tied Down”, and people clapped wildly. Someone said, ”She's amazing! She sounds exactly like Colbie Caillat! She's going to be famous someday!”

Chapter 7

In the morning a unicorn was poking her with her horn. It was a young one, and May had just bought her. Beauty marveled that Bleh got to see Colbie Caillat. Boasting to her would feel relishing, but she just stayed quiet.
Just then, May burst in, shouting, ”We're going to do another Play!”
Bleh, and egar, energetic Unicorn longed to be the Rose Princess in it. Mare wanted to be the king, and Frogg was wanting to be in a pond. Any pond. It was called Lights to the Sweets.
When it was time for the audition, fifteen or twenty animals clambered into the living room to try out.

“Rose Princesses, come here, and say your parts.“ May called, in the center of everything. She seemed in a much happier and relaxed mood since she'd met Colbie Caillat.
Two unicorns, Beauty, and Bleh came into the middle. A purple, medium- sized unicorn would go first. Her name was Uni-Kerne.
“Hay is my favorite food, and I will only eat hay!” said obnoxious Uni-Kerne. She then pulled May's basket of roses out of her hand.
“Unicorns are too crazy. Next is Bleh!” May cried.
Bleh came up - on her wings!
“Stay on the ground, you!” May hissed. Bleh roosted on top of the mantle.
Suddenly, a beautiful, fair-skinned fairy appeared, taking up May's rose basket, which was empty, from the floor. White, sparkly pearls appeared in it. “These are wish pearls. They are wished on, and it will come true. Each will only work once, but as soon as one is taken out, another will appear back in. Here you go, May.”
May thanked her, then wished that Bleh would come down and say her part. She did.
In the end, Beauty was chosen - no surprises there!, thought Bleh sadly.
Mare was chosen to be the King, and Bleh was the Messenger of Flight. Frogg was a pond frog, and May was a wonder-fairy,
May's little sister wished on a pearl for three fairies to help with the play, and at once, three glowing teenage fares, about six inches tall appeared, and began helping the animals recite and memorize their parts.
When dress-rehearsal day came, May wished on several wishing pearls:

             “My friends, they ask for magic's duty,
        Frogg, mare, Bleh and Beauty.
        So make Beauty and I have wings,
         and Mare wishes for king's things.
         Well, Bleh: make her a mist-colored gown,
         to wear about her, grand as a crown.
                Please, magic, make Bleh glow.
                Please, magic, make her gown flow!”

Immediately the room was decked in pure finery for the play. Everyone and everything looked AMAZING! Mare had a red, velvet cape rimmed with gold. He looked exactly like a bold, brave, and free king stallion. May had big, elegant wings that would actually fly, and she looked so fair, and so perfect that no one would've thought she was the same girl who had blushed so deeply scarlet at Colbie Caillat's concert, grinning wildly while her singing enchanted everyone.
Beauty's rose tiara glistened in the sunlight that streamed through the window, bathing the room with a golden glow.

Hours later, the enchanted evening was aglow with activity. Cinda, a fairy, was helping Bleh move her gown so that it wouldn't keep getting entangled in her fast-moving wings. May asked Kelly, another fairy, to make the living room a fancy auditorium. Kelly smiled, and flicked her wand. Instantly, the room grew, and became an enchanting auditorium.
When May appeared on the stage, Cinda dimmed the lights. A hush fell over the audience of little stuffed animals. May, glowing with pleasure, held up a wand, which Kelly had let her borrow.

“I am the wonder-fairy of all of you!” she cried in a voice that drifted all over the room, ”Our King Mare was advised by the Messenger of Flight that there was a rose princess in a faraway kingdom. She was pale pink, and roamed a foreign, grassy valley. Pink as a rose, and fair and sensitive, and pure as a sunrise morning. Delicate as an angel, and yet, she wore no crown. Her dainty, fragile hooves rested on the grass, and she had bent her eligent neck, and drank from the Crystal fountain, where only rosewater was allowed. King Mare was moved by the messenger's story, and sought to find this rose princess and present her with a crown. A silver tiara. Only silver. So she could rise beside him and his daughter. “

The audience had become silent, motionless, as they felt themselves becoming a part of the play. They saw the rose princess, felt Mare's joy, and marveled at the messenger's gown. If anyone made the slightest movement, the magic would be frightened away like a butterfly. As May spoke, the animals moved around behind her. Their actions were so real, so smooth, that the act was disbelievingly perfect. It was only until the last scene, where every cast member was sitting on a fluffy cloud in front of a rosy sunset, that everything remained that way.
The fairies, all except Kelly, who had to retrieve her wand, crept toward the door, and left.
All the animals and May called, ”THE END!!!!!!!” and the scene disappeared. They all descended the stage, laughing and clapping to each other. Kelly went up to May for her wand. As May tried to hand it to her, it slipped! Magic streamed out of it like smoothly running water!  May and Kelly both grasped the air frantically. The blinding, white-hot magic managed to strike Beauty! Beauty rolled over, groaning, and reared in fright. She crashed into Mare, and his crown - and him - toppled onto her. He whined and kicked, rearing like Beauty. He snatched his crown away from Bleh's egar hooves, but Bleh lunged for it, determined to keep it, and became entangled in her gown. She fell too, the heap of horses all squealing, and rearing. Bleh felt the magic, too! What kind of spell would Kelly's wand accidentally do?

Chapter 8

“Kelly?” May whispered. Kelly lay on the ground, pale, and unsure.
“I’m all right, May!” Kelly assured, sitting up. The color rushed back to her face at once.
“Go to Beauty.” she said.
“Beauty?” asked May, ”you’re sure you're all right?”
“Yes, I’m all right. Just GO!” Kelly hissed. May hurried to Beauty's side, and looked into her eyes. she expected to see just Beauty, the horse she had been with so long, who had accompanied her to gymnastics, and who had been there, in her play, and who had jumped in the leaves so many months ago.
Instead, what she saw was not at all what she expected, was not at all Beauty. She searched in vane in that blank, confused eye for a sign of Beauty, but couldn't find the slightest one. Beauty uttered a small cry, and May stroked her mane, witch had grown almost two feet, and now draped over her elegant neck.
Beauty blinked, and tried to talk to May, to tell her that it was all right. But all that she could say was... well... neigh!
She was now a real animal!!!!
Joy rushed through her! She tossed her mane and whinnied contently! She rose, to admire her hooves, and swirled her elegant tail from left to right, in obvious delight when she saw them. They were pink rubies! Glitter shone on each hoof, too! 
It was then that she noticed Mare, stepping high and watching his ebony hooves. Kelly rose and went to May.
May pulled out Kelly's wand, which had rolled under Bleh, and hurriedly gave it to her, before anything serious happened. The auditorium was instantly transformed into the living room. Animal noises were deafening, but they could still hear each other. Kelly flapped her paper-thin wings, and flew to a white Pegasus, who willingly let her climb on, and May gasped. It was so pretty! But Beauty realized something else, too - IT WAS SKY!!!!!!
Beauty cried,”Sky, Sky!!!!!”

Kelly jerked the reins, and Sky rose into the clear night air. But she didn't  forget about Beauty. Sky whipped her mane around delicately, and she cast such a sad glance back at poor Beauty, that she was sorry she'd ever despised Sky. The feeling soon left Beauty, however, and would probably never return to her. Just then, Bleh noticed herself. Her wings were the purple of primrose, and the rest of her was lavender, except for her mane, tail, and tufts around her hooves, witch were white. The magic had never really touched Frogg, for which he was relieved, May, now grown, has spent many years tending, riding and caring for her animals - once stuffed and now real.


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Reihaneh – 1 June 2020

That was an amazing story

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this story is very interesting and i loved this story very much i recommend you all to read it even it is long way to read i loved it good bye everybody

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This is a great story. I tend to adore stories like this, filled with myth and magic. I encourage you to write a sequel to this book, and think that this is a very good read. For all those bookworms, like I, out there, I recommend this book to you all. Best and warmest wishes, Nikki Encina