The Children's Eyes

Written by Miriam Bethencourt


Hello! My name is Miriam Bethencourt and I am eleven years old. I am a fictional story writer. I have two myths I wrote in school for a project but I have kept them on my blog because I really like how they turned out. I have another story, Moonshadow, which is not finished. These are the two stories, The Peoples Mark and The Children's Eyes. I am a huge fan of the book Dragon Rider. My mom and I read it at the same time and we were so captivated that at night we would talk for a long time, sharing our ideas on the story. I absolutely love the book, I have read it about 3 times, each time more immersed than the other. Thank you for such a wonderful book! I would also like to mention my blog where all my stories are presented. There I explain my life, my thoughts, my goals, my business, and of course, I portray my thoughts in my stories. It would be great if I could borrow your attention for a bit, if that is possible. This is my story The Children's Eyes

God is the creator of the sky and the earth. When he made humans, He fell in love and got married with one of the humans, whom he granted special powers. She is called Goddess. A long time ago, they had two children.  God and Goddess loved their children so much. They named them Young God, and Young Goddess. After a while, they noticed that the children were very interested in their father, God, and how he made the earth. So every night God told both of them one of his adventures. He loved telling them about his life, because every time he did, the children's eyes sparkled like diamonds. Both God and Goddess admired this.

The children started getting older. They still loved to hear their father's stories, but the shine in their eyes were starting to fade away. God thought about that a while. He always wanted to show the rest of the world this sparkle, and now he also wants a memory, for when they are fully grown up, there will be no sparkle in their eyes. But what will he do, how?

He told this to Goddess. “ I want to remember this. And if I want to show the world this, there won't be time! We need to think.” Goddess agreed with this and so every night, when the children were in bed, they both shared their thoughts and to see if the other liked it. One night God told Goddess, “Should we make lanterns? We can make them reflect a diamond, so they will sparkle like Young God and Young Goddess’s eyes. Do you like the idea?” Goddess thought a moment. “I think there is a better idea, but it's the best we've got. Let's try it.”

For two nights, instead of sharing their ideas, they made the lanterns. While Goddess used her powers to make diamonds to put in the globes, God made the globes. Each night they made over one thousand lanterns. They would shine beautifully, and God and Goddess were proud. The third night was trouble. When God went to get the paper for the lanterns, he found he had only two more papers left. “Oh, no,” He said. “This can't be!” Goddess frowned. “We need to get more papers,” she said. “Isn't that obvious?” God said madly.

But Goddess only laughed. “Don't worry,” she said, “ask Forest for more tree's to make paper. He will give them to you.”

So God set out to find Forest. When he found him he said, “Forest, I need some of your tree's to make paper.” Forest sighed, but then smiled. “Is the paper for the lanterns that you and Lady Goddess have made?” he asked. “Yes, indeed they are. Can you please get me the trees now?” God replied. Forest seemed to ignore the question. “You know, those lanterns seem to sparkle like diamonds” he said. God was getting impatient. “Yes, they are made to. So, how about giving me the trees?” God asked.  
“Your children have--”

“I know my children, but can you just give me the trees that I came here for!?” God shouted. Forest looked scared and his eyes watered. “I'm sorry,” God said, since he started feeling bad for Forest. “It's alright,” Forest replied. “I am sorry for ignoring your question, but, er--. Let's start all over. Is it alright if I stay with my people?” God thought a moment. Well, it's the same thing if they take Young God and Young Goddess away from him. Plus the humans have already taken enough. “Well, alright, Forest. I will have to think of something else. Thank you anyway,” he replied. Forest laughed with joy and said, “Thank you, thank you, my lord!”. God smiled with joy for making Forest happy, and walked away.

When God got home, Goddess asked him, “Where are the trees and paper?” God grinned. “I don't want to take anymore tree's from Forest unless it's for fire or for anything as important as that.  It's like taking his children away from him,” God explained. “And I am sure we can think of something better.”  Goddess smiled in agreement. “That is what I thought,” She told God. She gave him a hug, and they went to bed.

In the morning, after taking the children to The Chief Human for God Training, God and Goddess talked about the day. “I think I am going to make the improvements Sea asked for his people,” said God. Goddess nodded and said, “Mountain was complaining, too. Maybe you could see what he wants. I think I might talk to my mother, and give her some food. I have not seen her in three days.” God nodded remembering that her mother was human.  
Then he remembered something else.

“I forgot to tell you, I think I have a better idea, instead of lanterns,” God told Goddess. Immediately, Goddess knew what he was talking about. “Well?” she asked. “Well,” God began, “Maybe I can make pearls. Thousands. Millions. And drop them on every household so they can have a view of how Young God and Young Goddess's eyes look like. What do think?” Goddess sighed. “I don't know. You are the only one that can make pearls. I won't be able to help.” God tapped his foot impatiently. “Have you forgotten that we are gods?” he told her. “I can do this! I shall visit Sea and Mountain, then I shall start. This will work!” Then God walked away leaving Goddess alone thinking. “Well, let's see if it will!” she thought out loud.

That night, after telling Young God and Young Goddess another story, God showed them how he could make a single pearl in a minute. He made two, one for Young God and one for Young Goddess. Their eyes were sparkling a lot more than usual that night. Goddess stayed up all night watching God make pearls all night. She cried when she saw him almost collapse with exhaustion. “God! Stop right now!” she cried. “No,” he said. “I am almost done!” After a few minutes, God did collapse while telling Goddess to deliver the pearls. So, Goddess carried him to his room, and then flew out of the window to drop the pearls in every household. When she was done, she flew in and found herself really tired. As soon as her head touched her pillow, she fell asleep.

Goddess woke up by the sound of grunts. She found herself face to face with God trying to get out of bed. “Alright. The pearls drained everything out of you, God, admit it.” God looked up into the face of Goddess. “Wait, we can think of something else. But I have not given up! We will find something, I promise!” Goddess sighed. “Alright,” she said, “But, no more pearls” Goddess helped God into his bed again. “Now, you can't do anything until I find the right medicine!” she told him. “Children!” Young God and Young Goddess come immediately. “Your father wants to tell you a story.” They looked at each other and ran into the room. While God told them the story, the children's eyes sparkled, and while the they did, Goddess thought of something to show the world what they looked like.

When Goddess found the medicine, she went back into the room where she found Young God and Goddess asking God to make them gold. “No, no, no! Not until he drinks his tea,” She said, mixing the medicine in the tea. While God drank the tea, she sat watching a faint sparkle in her children's eyes.

Suddenly, God stood up and shouted, “I feel powerful!” Young God's eyes sparkled more. “Dad, you are powerful!,” He said. Young Goddess giggled and her eyes sparkled like Young God's. “Yes, Daddy. I think you can make gold!” she said. God laughed as he made two pure, gold nuggets and gave it to each of them. The whole family laughed, and Young God's and Young Goddess's eyes sparkled like never before. That's when Goddess got the idea. She laughed even harder and hugged her children so tight they had to ask her to stop.

That night, Goddess told God her idea.  “You shall get your silver sword and pierce holes into the sky. It does not have to be a lot. While you do that, I will make diamonds. When we are both done, I will put the diamonds in the holes. Since it's the sky that everyone can see, then they will also be able to see the diamonds, which are practically the children's eyes.” Immediately, God smiled. “That is the best idea I have ever heard! We shall try it today!” he said.

So, while God pierced the sky with his sword, Goddess made the diamonds. When they were both done, they attached the diamonds in the sky. When they stood back they smiled, because the diamonds looked just like their children's eyes and they both knew the whole world could now see them.

And the whole world did see them! Those were the first stars ever seen. Today God and Goddess still make stars, but not only to show the world, but as memory, for their children no longer have their sparkle. But once their eyes, did shine and this is how we know.

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Karty – 26 December 2014

awesome WOW

Ella Rose – 8 November 2014

I really liked the end. Where is this blog?

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It is such an innocent story!!!