The Dark Planet

Written by Sydney Paul

The world has gone utterly dark. The sun has been swallowed by shadows. People no longer live together or even make contact with each other. With no sun, we have no food, nothing grows. We must make exceptions to our former rules of life. Any contact you make with another, means the certain death of you or the one hunting you. In this new world man is not only the hunter… but the hunted. We have formed a new way of life, anything, or anyone you kill, will be the food that keeps you alive in this cursed dystopian world.

My name is Alana, and I have killed over a hundred men, women, and children. The government can’t stop our hunger. The government fell when over a million people made weapons and attacked. They couldn’t hold us off, and after almost a year of fighting…we got in.  I was a baby then, but the last family I had told me the story over and over again.

My dad was killed when the pain of hunger became too strong, and drove him to attacking my mom. She had no choice but to kill him. I think that it put him out of his misery. I loved my dad and on his birthday I bring him a picture of a cake. I sing softly to him, so I don’t attract unwanted visitors. My dad was the last to get a proper burial, a coffin, a service in his memory that was just before the reverend lost his mind. He said that god was punishing us for our sins, maybe he was right. He stopped staying indoors and the next day, he was a meal on a plate.

Sometimes, I lay on my bed and wonder what the world used to be like… was everything green like the color of my pencil?  What did apples taste like, and what did the sun feel like on my pale skin? I have asked these questions to my mom more times than I can remember, and each time, she leaves the room, tears streaming down face.

Today I brought the only cat I had seen in months home for dinner. It’s smaller than a person, and less meat, but at least I don’t feel sick when I eat it. My mom is thankful that I don’t starve, but she, like many others, wishes that the sun would return, to heal our broken world.

                                            THE END

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Reihaneh – 1 June 2020


Ally – 15 January 2017

The beginning was kinda creepy because she killed people but over all great job!!!

Sydney Paul – 15 November 2013

Thank you! It is nice to know that people appreciate my dark side!