The Dog named Jasper

Written by Emmaline

There was once a small dog named Jasper. Jasper lived in a little apartment in Paris. He loved his home, but wished he lived closer to the Eiffel Tower, a place he had never been to. His owner was named Alphonse. He was a baker, and whenever he came home to the apartment, he would have little bits of bread that was delicious for Jasper to eat. And when he would finish the bread that Alphonse brought back home he would fall fast asleep, dreaming of being able to move to a better apartment closer to the Eiffel Tower, which Alphonse had only been to twice.

The next morning, when Jasper woke up, he heard Alphonse leaving to his work, and eagerly got up to say goodbye. Alphonse patted his head, and pointed toward his filled water bowl and food bowl, then left. Jasper was always so sad to see Alphonse go, but knowing that he would come home later that day, went to eat his food. He was always so stuck inside the small, cramp apartment, and once, when Jasper was a puppy, he had ran around all the apartment and chewed up books, magazines, shred couches, and when Alphonse came home, Jasper was not allowed to have any bread for three months, which made him very sad and annoyed with himself that he would do such a thing. The truth was, that Jasper was ready to get out of the apartment, and the only time he was allowed to go outside, was when he had to use the bathroom, or needed to stretch his legs.

So, in order to show Alphonse that he needed to get outside more, or get a bigger place to live in, he made up a plan. Every morning before Alphonse left, he would wine like crazy, and then every night before Alphonse came home, Jasper would gather up all his strength, then when Alphonse did come home, he would go crazy and have so much fun bouncing up and down! So, he thought that Jasper was getting a little stuck in the house, and Jasper realized that Alphonse was noticing, so one Monday morning, on a day that Alphonse wasn’t working, Jasper heard a truck engine. Then he saw that it was a moving truck, and realized, he was moving closer to the Eiffel Tower!

It took a long time to get all moved out, but the day came when he was put in a car and moved all the way to the other side of the city. It was a very big apartment, and Alphonse was working in another bakery that was much larger than the one before. About two days after they were all moved in, Alphonse took Jasper on a walk to the Eiffel tower. It was nighttime, so it was very pretty at the very top... And Jasper was happy. Happy because his life had changed in a matter of a little over a week.

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Reihaneh – 1 June 2020

I sooo like it

chloe.b – 28 February 2019

I absolutely love this story- great work!

Grace – 30 May 2017

That was the best story about a animal!

Meghan N. – 15 January 2017

Good job, Emmaline!