The humanoid chickens

Written by Kerry Burton

Chapter 1

Chuck was a chicken, but not a normal chicken. He was a humanoid chicken. He was not the only one though, he had two other humanoids chicken friends. Terrance - a big red humanoid chicken, who hates everything like a teenager and only  grunts. There is also Matilda - a small white humanoid chicken, who loves everyone a bit like a naive adult. Chuck is smaller than Terrance, but bigger than Matilda. He always wanted to escape the lab, but they expected never to be free. But chuck had an idea. “Terrance, run back and forth into the bars and maybe you can escape!” Chuck made these ideas all the time. The others always trusted him, but they never worked. “Eurgh eurgh eurgh!”

“Chuck, you might wanna see this!”

“What, Matilda, I'm concentrating on making a new plan!”

“Terrance is breaking out!” 

“Told you it would work!”

“You told us three hundred and nine plans that did not work!” 

“Ok true,” Terrance jumps out of his cage bars that he can barely fit through

“Terrance, get those keys and let us out!”

“Eurgh eurgh eurgh eurgh” As Terrance opened the cages an alarm started blaring.


“Guys, run under the door!” The chickens slid under the sliding door. A scientist saw them.

“I FOUND THEM!” A gabble of people appeared around the small humanoid chickens.

“Got you now!”

“Under their legs I’ll grab a key card. Matilda, keep Terrance safe. He would get lost.” 

They all ran. Chuck grabbed the key card and ran to a futuristic electric blue door covered in red stains. “Go go go go!”

Chapter 2

Tumbling, crashing and thrashing down the steep hill. It felt like an eternity of pain, but once they had reached the bottom Matilda saw a valley.

“Let's go there.”


“O... o... ok” muttered Terrance.

“Well done, Terrance! Once we get there we will teach you more words.”


“Lets goooooo!” he said whilst running over to it.

“Ok then. Let’s go, Terrance.”

Many miles later Chuck was still jogging whilst Terrance and Matilda were trailing behind.

“Chuck, please slow down!” panted Matilda.

“Matilda, Terrance, please speed up! Plus we’re here 


Once they had sat down for the first time in what had seemed like ages, Terrance saw a teddy bear.

“Teddy bear!”

“Wow, he learnt quick.”

“His name is Terrance jr.”

“Awwww, that’s cute.”

This is not done yet

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Reihaneh – 2 June 2020

Oh sooo god

sophia – 16 December 2019

Ohhh... Laser eyes...

Josh – 13 December 2019

Funny story, I can’t wait to hear more

Cornelia Funke – 12 December 2019

Love the story. Keep going with your good effort

Cornelia Funke – 12 December 2019

I love the story, let’s see some more. Keep up the good effort

Cass – 12 December 2019

Funny, hope there is more to come

William Irish – 11 December 2019

Great. I am intrigued to know what will happen next

sophia – 10 December 2019

Ha ha ha that was a funny story. I liked that you made the main characters chickens

Terrance – 10 December 2019

wow great story and are you going to finish this I found it funny as me and my favourite character have the same name