The Journey

Written by Sarah P.

I live in a house, a very old house. Every night I here something in the attic, a thumping sound. Dad never let's me go up the attic, even the steps to the attic will make him stop me from just stepping on it up to now. But one day, 2 years ago, my dad was out of town and I was alone since we could not afford a nanny. I felt like the thumping sound was calling me every night, so I decided to go up to the attic tomorrow morning. The first thing I saw was nothing at all, just a small window with a curtain at one end.

The room reminded me of mom: simple, clean and warm.
I walked around for a while, brushing my fingertips against the smooth lavender wall until the sun lit the whole room just bright enough for me to be completely blind. So I walk towards the window to close the curtain, but I trip with a sigh of relief I was fine I was gonna stand up but I spotted a book so I sat down on the floor realizing that it was not just a book but it was a journal clearly it had the words: THIS JOURNAL BELONGS TO: CARRIE LEE

I do know that it's not right to look at other people's property, but I can't help myself. I scan all the pages and find nothing useless I say to myself. Later that night dad came home I had tons of questions to ask him, like who is Carrie Lee, why is her (clearly) journal here, and why was I never allowed in that room? I have planned when to ask him about it but instead nothing came out of my mouth. It's been a week already and I can't stop thinking about it. I mean the name Carrie Lee could she be my mother ?

I don't even know her name. They say she disappeared at that time I was only 3 years old at that time but after that dad never talked about her and now it's my job to find out what really happened to my mom. So my plan is Step 1 : gather all things needed : flashlight, extra battery, tons of food, water, extra clothes, umbrella, a map, a phone and charger, a camera, some money, and of course a picture of me and my dad. I would bring a picture of my mom, if I had one, but dad keeps all mom's pictures hidden somewhere in the  house, but anyway Step 2: leave the house at exactly 11:00 pm tonight, 30 minutes after dad is completely asleep Step 3: leave the house as quietly and quickly as possible. After reviewing my plan a few times I get started on it. It's only 9:00 pm might as well rest or sleep for the mean time I set my phone on vibrate alarm so I feel the vibration on my hand instead of hearing that loud annoying sound that will surely wake up dad.

I wake up at exactly 11:00 pm and I'm out my bedroom door with all my stuff on my way to the stairs. I get curious again about the journal so I go to the attic first to check it out. As I open the door I see the journal on the floor. It is opened on the first page and has some writing on it. How can I not see that? I go closer and read aloud YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS NOW. What does that mean? Your journey begins now your journey begi ... and I end up falling asleep. I wake up because of a strange pull on my earlobe. It's a bird. I stand up half asleep to close the window, but instead I hit my head on something. As my vision starts to become clear I realize I have hit a tree in a forest. How could I hit a tree and end up in a forest? I start freaking out until I find that I am holding on to the journal and my stuff . I scan the journal as if I was looking for a lost file that was needed in like 2 seconds, but what stopped me was the second page. It had writings YOU ARE IN THE FOREST OF THE ENCHANTRESS.

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Reihaneh – 2 June 2020

I like this

Grace – 17 May 2017

I liked that that story, hope other people do