The Locket

Written by Patricia

Chapter 1

This is crazy.... It's a dream.... Just a dream.... Sadly it's not.....
My name is Alicia Goodwell, I am an ordinary girl living in a little town in Boston. I am weak and have rarely asthma when I am under the heating sun. I usually got bullied alot at school so I spend my time reading books, I found myself infected to it, I can't stop reading. The crazy genius who capture a beautiful girl, The Phantom of the Opera, The girl who travels in a strange world, Alice in Wonderland. These books are phi nominal! Friends? What a waste, Play time? Reading time. Mr. Bob the PE teacher? Annoying. Ms.Leanne the librarian? She' so sweet. I don't have a bestfriend because I'm quiet. I am too weak, people are tired of taking care of me.

I sat alone in the cafeteria eating bad food. I usually got bullied alot. Vanessa Hamulet, the bully of the class. That annoying girl who likes to come and play with my hair, spoiling my food and ripping my homework. I can't stand it anymore. Everyday I came home crying in my room. Why is the world so cruel? Why is there mean people? As I sat there, I look at my bookshelf and think.
I want to go there, where the weather is fine to walk around, where there were entertainers poets and fairies, big feast kind people and the royal family who hear people's entreat and problems. I want to go there. Where grasses are green and the cities are warm. I want to, I really want to.......
"It's impossible to go into books, that's why they are just books"
I think as I lay myself on my soft bed and slowly close my eyes.

The morning after, Saturday. No school, all the home works are done. Time to fine some new books. I walked up the attic, there were always exciting things in there especially books. I found
"The Hobbit","The Lord of the Rings", "Inkheart", "Inkspell" and "Inkdeath" in there. I used to found some old 18th century clothes and some box full of my old toys. I wonder what will I found next. As I walk around the room, I gazed at the baby birds outside the windows trying to fly. I look around some old cupboards and then I found something... Something I've never seen before. It's like a necklace with an ancient coin on it. I just realized it was a locket,
I open it. I saw a crystal, a tiny one in there. I wonder what this crystal is doing here.... Dad doesn't really know about the things in the attic, neither do mom. The crystal is clear, it contains many colors in it when it reflects the sun. It wasn't dirty so I decided to wear it. I can't stop suspecting it. I found no books today, I guess I'll have to visit the public library around the town corner.

When I enter the library, Melissa the librarian was expecting me,
I know it when I saw the look of her face when I entered.
Melissa knows me alot, she knows what kind of books I like and what I'll enjoy. She is such a sweet woman like Ms.Leanne.
"Hello Melissa" I greet her. She waved back then said
"As always I see, Alicia. Sorry, but we didn't have any new books lately. The crew who sends us books has gone on holiday and Christmas preparations, so there will be no new books until January." Her face was full of guilt like a little boy who got caught on stealing some candies. I was kind of disappointed so I left the place. I haven't gone out of the house since I left the library. I ate every meal at home. It was night time, the time has gone so fast.
I was still wearing the locket I found in the attict. I took a shower then gone to bed like I did everyday.

Something startled me! I woke up in the middle of the night.
I think it was about 00:00 pm but still not sure because of my blurry sight. I look around the room and then I saw something..... a man was standing there! It's not dad! A mysterious man standing next to my bed! Who is he!? He looks like Phrodo but his skin is dark like Farid's..... I was too scare to say anything.
The man look at me and said "My lady, I am here to serve you."
I was shocked, why would he serve me? And what for?
"Who.... who are you?" I ask him. He replied "I am Felix, Felix the golden eyes. I am here to take you to the place you want to go." He then gave me his hand. "Come" he said "let's go to the place you dream of." What!? This is confusing! Who is he? How did he get into my house?

Chapter 2

Yes, I found a locket in the attic  Yes, A man's in my room.
Yes, he's not my dad and yes, he's still here! A guy name Felix standing in my room. He's taller than dad. The darkness of the room and his brown skin makes me barely see his face. He said things about taking me to places I want to go and being my servant. Even now I'm still confused, why would someone want to be my servant? He dress like a butler from some popular novels dad can't afford (Dad can't afford it so I went to a place and create a little nest for myself then start reading)

It's very rare for people to follow my orders, sometimes it was just a prank but he looks serious. I wonder if he's really going to do it.... "Felix" I said. He, for not paying much attention to me turned to me after looking around my books. "Take me to the Hobbit's village." I continue. The Hobbit's village, I forgot it's name but I know exactly what it looks like. I've always dream about walking around in a cozy little village where there are pretty flowers and mysterious plants and of course, people with big foots. (I don't enjoy that though) He look kind of surprised then he smiled. "Just like his highness says, a bookworm who wants to escape from the world." His highness? Who was that supposed to be? How did he know who I am? Is it just one of dad's prank?
Oh wait, he won't do it unless we had a fight. Should I trust him? Is he a thief?

Only if grandma was here, she always knows what to do in this kind of situation....Only if she was here in my room, not in the coffin under the ground....."Books are amazing because we can feel and almost see something or someone with just some words but no magics. Keep my ring, my dear Alicia. I'm sure one day you'll find someone or something leading you to a better tomorrow with this ring. If you do, that person is a trust worthy one, so relying him is possible." I'll never forget her last sentence she said to me, it is kind of true come to think of it....

Felix clear his throat and said "The Hobbit's village it is."
He then gave me his hand. Wait... What? He's really taking me there? Right now? Right here? His hand was pale unlike his skin. I bet it'd feel warm and soft. I stare at his pale hand and then I found something.... Something I thought I'll never found....
My grandma's ring! It's in his finger! It matches mine!
Felix is..... He is the trust worthy man grandma is talking about!

I grab his hand. He chuckled and said "You just recognized the ring didn't you? Your grandmother, she is the lady who we'll be in favor forever." He gave me a signal to wait. Some lights went in from the window. Is it morning? I wonder... Some dust flow in, it's cold when it touches my skin, it's starting to gather up and flow around the room! I was so scared I scream! I close my eyes,
I felt light some strong arms were hugging me, it was soft and arm, could it be Felix's? My head was on his chest.
I felt so peaceful....

Something cold is on my face. It felt like wind but it smells so sweet. I open wide my eyes and the first person I saw is Felix.
He smiled at me and said "Ready to walk?" I nodded. He helped me up and lead me to a path. It smells so natural and the warm air make me felt comfortable. The sound of the birds singing in a beautiful melody. I heard a sound of the villagers chatting "Oi! Mr.Popkins! You done with the crops yet? Help me out with the cows!" "Woah! Woah! Slow down mate! You know how fragile these vases are! You wouldn't want Mr.Baggins mad don't you?" That's what makes me notice that I'm in the Hobbit's village.
They even talk about Bilbo! The house are small and covered with plants. It looks like it's came out of the ground. Amazing! It looks just like how the author describe it!

"Felly! It's Felly! Everyone!"
A little hobbit standing on a field with his friends pointing at me. Do they know me? Suddenly, they ran into me, then I just notice that they were pointing at Felix. Felly? Make sense...
"Felly! What do you have for us today?" A little hobbit boy asked him "Felly! Where did you travel to today?" another asked.
Felix chuckled and replied "It's a land far away.... Where the houses are square-shaped and the roads are made from something so much harder than rocks. It's so hard that I bet any wizards can't crush hem with their spells."
The little hobbits looked surprised. A little hobbit who's poking his nose was pulling Felix's shirt and pointed at me.
"Felly, who's this girl you brought with you?"
Oh wait I just remember.. None of these hobbits know me.
Felix looked at me for a second and pat my back
"This is Alicia, my friend. I found her while I was traveling.
She loves telling stories. Maybe you guys can have her telling your stories!" They all smiled. They are so adorable when they smile! A little hobbit girl was pulling my coat, for the first time, she talk to me "Alicia, can you tell us a story?"
What a surprise! I smiled at them and said "Certainly!"

Felix lead me to a pile of soft hays. He told me to sit on it and tell stories from books I've read. It's really fun staying with the hobbits. At night, the little hobbits has all gone home. I was walking around looking at the pale white moon. Suddenly, I've heard a sound of foot steps, loads of foot steps walking closer and closer..... I looked behind, what 's in front of me was a hundreds of army men standing before me. An army with the biggest shield walk before me. He then suddenly grab my arm and take me away from the hobbit's village. Oh no! "Felix! Help! Felix! Where are you!?" I scream for help over and over but no one can hear me. What will I do now?!

Chapter 3

As I open my eyes. Everything was so blurry and strange. I looked up and saw something staring at me! It's an armor knight standing next to me. I was quite startled when I saw him (I think it's a him maybe?). It looks like he recognized me when he walked in closer. I can't see his face because of the armor suit he's wearing. I saw a mark on his chest, it's a black spade. He then talked to me for the first time

"So you've awaken, my lady." He said as he turned back and bring up a tea cattle. Since I came here, there's so many people serving me, I wonder why. The tea he gave me lightens up my mood. I can smile now.  He then introduce him self
"I am Spaten, the spade of the castle of sleep.''
The castle of sleep? What kind of castle had a name as strange as castle of sleep? Does he know my name? He then said again
"You need not to introduce your self. You are the best-known person in the country. Lady Alicia."
I looked at his metal hard leg and I saw something.... so shocking I couldn't believe I'd saw it again.... It's grandma's ring symbol!
I stared at it too long Spaten recognized it. He chuckled and said
"I see, so you saw the symbol now. We are very grateful to your grandmother. This is the symbol of the castle of sleep. Of course, she designed it." He turned back and grabbed something. It's a photo of grandma wearing an old style British gown in the middle of men with different symbols on their face. All of those symbols were from the cards. "She saved all of us without any of her strength." A person who saved such a huge town without strength? How can that be possible? Grandma s starting to get more suspicious...

He leads me to the hall and take me in to a room. It looks like a feast was happening. But where are the foods? Spaten looks surprised. "Damn you, Cheshire!" Cheshire? Does he mean the invisible cat in Alice in Wonderland? That's strange, Cheshire don't rob people. It's looks like Spaten can read my mind, he looked at me and told me that.
"Yes, Cheshire just mess around, but somethings wrong with him... Someone have been controlling his mind to rob people.
Be careful with that locket of yours, he's finding it."
My locket? How does he knows about my locket?
This is getting more weird...
"Okay then... Looks like we need to let alone the food for a while, let's go see the purpose of you being here. He then lead me back to the hallway. It started to get darker and darker. There was a huge chamber door. There was 2 knights dressed exactly like Spaten but with a different symbol. They both had a Jack symbol on their chest. "TDs, let us through, we need to talk to his highness about our guest who've just arrived."
TDs? His highness again? Who are these people? I can't kept wondering so I asked Spaten before we walk in.
"The TDs? Ah, I know you'll ask. They are the Tweedies."
The Tweedy brothers? Why are they in the castle? And how can their gigantic body fits in the armor?  And why won't they call them Tweedies? Again I asked him "You see the word "Tweedy" sounds quite "inappropriate"  to his highness "And who's his highness?" "You'll see." And that's how our conversation ended.

The room we entered was colossal, there was a giant chandeliers that lightens everything up. There was a long red carpet leading to a gigantic throne. Sitting there is an unknown man with the dressing of a noble. He wore a glamorous crown that labels that he is the king. His clothes looks so expensive, just like all those novels I've read. The suit he is wearing has a symbol of a king's crown on his chest. He clears his throat and stand up from the comfortable-looking throne and stare at me. He then said
"So here you are. Lady Alicia, you must have woken up just now, do you not?" I nodded instead of a reply with no reason.
He chuckles then look at Spaten
"Spaten, have the lady eaten the feast I've order to the chefs?" Spaten face look as pale as a person who had medical problems. He gulped then replied "No, your highness. She have not eaten yet because of some problems in the feast room..."
The king's expression was telling him to continue telling the reason "Cheshire has arrive without a warning again..."
Spaten gulps again. The king's eyes were both wide open with an amazed expression. Is Cheshire that bad? Who could have be controlling him? The king clears his throat again then said
"That was quite disappointing, she must be very hungry right now. Bring me the Ace!" He shouted. Spaten let go of me and ran in to small door next to the throne. He came back with another knight (Why are there so many armored knights here?) There was an A on his chest. He was breathing hard and then took a step in front of the king "Yes, master? Is there anything you desire?''
The king again clears his throat and said "Go in the kitchen and tell the chefs to prepare a breakfast feast immediately!"
The Ace then ran back in to the door he came from, Spaten came back to stand in his position, next to me.

There was everything I desire to have. Soft boiled eggs with a little touch of salt. Crisps bread with a decoration of butter and sugar. Hot chocolate was perching there on the table steamy and untouched. Sweet fruits in a pile. Soft bread with a small touch of butter. Crispy steamy hot bacon sitting there. Garlic toast, french toast, chocolate cookies with whipping cream, crepe cakes with strawberry sauce and sweet whipping cream, hundreds of cupcakes, honey toasts with a melting butter and honey on it, apple pie with an amazing smell luring me to take a bite. So much so many I don't think I can eat all of it. The king was sitting in front of me.

"Well then, let's get to the topic." He said while adjusting some butter on the toast. "The reason why we took you here was because we needed help." Help? I'm not that good at those kinds of stuff. "As you can see, your grandmother used to help us before." Why is it all about grandma? What happened to her these past years? I can't hold it anymore "What is it? What did grandma do to make you respect her so much? What did she do?" He dip his toast in the boiling hot chocolate then replied "I was a bit surprised there, I can't believe why she didn't told you any of that." He cut the apple pie out to his plate. "You are a book worm so it's probably easier to explain. You know those stories don't you? Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbits. They're just books aren't they? Surprise, they're not. Every story has a soul. There's something called "The bugs" not just some bugs now, these bugs travels in to stories and turn them around. You know what I mean? Imagine Rapunzel waiting for the prince to came and save her. The bugs changed it to:Rapunzel is tired of waiting and escaped from the tower with her own strength."

Strange. He dip some of his chocolate cookies in his milk.
"And guess what, your grandmother is the one who change it back! She hasn't use her strength but only her brain! Fascinating right?" Grandma? How can she do that? "Now's the time for you to do what she have done."
I was shocked "But... But how can I do that? I can't just go and change everything back! I don't know how to do that!"
He chuckled and said "Your grandmother have wrote a note for you, she left it here on purpose knowing that you'll came here like she did, and you did. The note is in the castle's library."
Awesome! Grandma did all this for all the people here?
This is starting to get more and more interesting! I can't wait to see how she did that! What is it behind grandma's past?

Chapter 4

“Our hope depends on you, Alicia. Are you ready?” “Yes sir!”

The king was a kind fellow man. He listens to people’s entreat at least 20 villagers a day. He even gave me a worthy sword!
“A perfect sword for a perfect person.” He said “This sword is for your worthiness for all of us. And God’s blessings go with you.”
He smiled. “But before that.” He said before I walk away from the Throne room. “Let me see your happy face again.”
He then snapped his fingers and the chamber door in front of us opens. It was Felix! He smiled at me, I smile back. I ran to him and gave him a big hug.  I thought I won’t be able to see him again. The King chuckled. “Felix here is going to teach you about your missions.”  “Well then.” Said Felix. “Let’s go to Wonderland.” Wonderland? Did he mean the wonderland? Awesome!

“BUT” He said with a deep voice. “The wonderland is a complete mess. This wonderland is a hollow place, where Alice took over the Queen of Hearts and become the Queen of wonderland.
All the Armies ran away from the horrible Queen to here, the castle of Sleep.” I was kind of shocked. Alice? The curious Alice? The Queen!?

Felix then took me in to the forest deeper and deeper. I can barely remember the colour of the sunlight. It was dark and cold.
Right then I thought Felix was my father. Or maybe he was, in this place he is my father. Felix was holding my hand, leading me to a place with the warm sun shining (at last!) and the trees covered with flowers. “Who wouldn’t want to be here?”
I mumbled, Felix heard me. He chuckled and said “The Queen of wonderland of course.” Oh right, the Queen with the quote “Off with the head!” The mistress who kill the sunlight and hide it. The Queen who was different from before… She used to run around the blooming flowers but now she in the darkest side of the castle in her throne. She used to help people but now she’s a selfish monster. “People change a lot…” I said with a voice not any louder than a whisper. “Time flies, don’t they?” said Felix.
I nodded back. We walked until we found an enormous wall covered with leaves and flowers. Looks like Felix noticed me daydreaming a little, he pat my back and said “Ready to go in?” “Where?” He poked my forehead and point to a small door not any taller than him. He knocked the door. “Yer’ folks wait right thea!” A voice replied, it was a sound of an old man who doesn’t seemed to be so good at talking. The small door then opened.  
An old man with a fancy hat that still has a price tag on it popped his head out. I didn’t know who he was until Felix suddenly said “In the house again eh? Hatter?” It was the Mad Hatter.

The Mad Hatter invited us in for some tea. He was a chatty man but the silence came when I asked him “Where’s March Hare and Dor mouse?” It looked like Felix was trying to stop me but he was too late, he stares at the floor like it has something written on it.

Mad Hatter’s jaws dropped. He clears his throat and asked Felix “Who ish thish yung lady?” “She’s the one who’ll fix this story” Felix replied. Hatter looked confused. “Thea’s no such pershon than lady Goodwell who can fish this story.” Hatter said looking a bit stubborn. “What if she’s lady’s Goodwell’s grand daughter?” Felix replied. Hatter’s jaws dropped again. He looked at me with a terrified and respectful face. He then grabbed my hand and stand on his knee “God bless yer’ lady Goodwell’s granddauter! Atlash some won came and fish this meshed up stowy!” It took me a minute to understand him then I replied “It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Hatter. I’ll be sure to do my best.” I smiled. When we finished tea, Hatter took us to his sitting room full of books.
I stare at all those pages and ink on the shelf. Hatter saw my soft spot and said “She ish just like her grandmother! Go aheed!
Reed anything you wont!” I thanked him and picked up a book that stands out quite a lot. The title was called “Messed up” with no author’s name in it. The papers were very thin and the book was written by hand. Hatter saw the book I picked “Inteweshting! I wote that book!” He said. So then I began to read.

In a land faraway, there was a beautiful place where talking flowers sing songs and the birds hummed the melody. It was a place where everyone wanted to stay. It was paradise.
Everyone is kind. But have I mentioned the Queen of hearts?
She was the cruelest person in the land, she admired the colour red and the quote “Off with the head!” that she said every day at least 3 times. Yes, she was the dark side of the land. Many lads told the villagers that he’ll go and give everyone the rights to do things. But they never come back. Those sentences were their last communion. Then one day, something happened. Something strange, odd and bizarre. A girl who was called Alice told the villagers what every lad says. “I’ll fight for the rights to be free!” Alice was a young girl, a brave one indeed. But she never came back. It was like every villager said “They’re dead.” The town turned emo. Until the card decks arrived at the town and said that there was a new Queen of wonderland. A young girl stood behind those card decks. Everyone knows her and they still remember her. She was the brave Alice. She have turned evil and turn us in to slaves. I’ve been hiding since then. And I don’t think that’ll change.

A little fall of tear ran down to the book. I have to help these people. “Mr. Hatter, I promise. I’ll help these people.
This I swear by my sword”….

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Reihaneh – 2 June 2020


Reihaneh – 2 June 2020

Good story, I like it

Sally – 17 February 2017

Nice story. I like the idea. It has a lot of potential, but there were a lot of grammatical errors, and the language was a bit sloppy. Overall great story.

Katherine Liu – 25 September 2016

Wow! This story is amazing! I think you should even publish it. I wonder how old are you?

Lauren – 3 October 2013

I loved the story I just wish I knew what happened next.

beau – 30 September 2013

Very good story with lots of good ideas.:0