The Lost City of Atlantis

Written by Katherine Liu

Chapter 1

A man wearing a long black jacket and purple pants squeezed inside a tiny store named The Magical Painting Gallery. “I haven’t seen you in a very long time, Matthew. Why are you here?” the store-keeper asked. The man said nothing. He gives the store-keeper a small painting of a magical slivery sea. “Give this to a girl called Star. She has black hair and black eyes, around the age of 9.” Before the store-keeper could say anything, the man squeezed outside the door and disappeared into the dark night…

Chapter 2

Two years later…

“Miss, do you want to buy some lovely flowers?”

“Miss, do you want to buy some nice books?”

“Miss, do you want to buy some teddy bears?”

The sellers surrounded Star, not letting her go. Star pushed through them and continued walking. She saw a store called The Magical Painting Gallery. That seems magical, she thought. Star went towards the store and pushed the door open. Star walked around the gallery, amazed by what she saw. Her whole body suddenly shattered when she saw a painting of a magical starry sky with magical silvery sea underneath.

I’ve seen that before, she thought. Star suddenly felt very dizzy, she slowly fell uncurious in to the sea of memories…

* * * * *

“Miss, are you alright? Please wake up.” Star slowly opens her eyes. She saw a man with brown hair and blue eyes looking at her, looking worried.

“Are you alright?” he repeated, “what’s your name?”

“My, my name is Star; I think I fainted when I saw a painting of a magical starry sky with magical silvery sea underneath.” Star replied.

“Star? Your name is Star? You saw that painting and then you fainted? How old are you?” the man asked.

“I’m 11 years old. Are you the store keeper?” Star asked.

“Yes, I am!” the man answered, happy tears bursting out of his eyes, “I finally found you!”

“Um, am I your long lost daughter or something? I don’t think so.” said Star.

The man didn’t answer. He rapped the painting of the sea up, and gave it to Star.

“Sorry, I don’t have the money to buy it,” said Star. But the store-keeper still gave her the painting.

“You are the chosen one,” he said, “you are the chosen one to save Atlantis.”

“Me? But I’m so ordinary! Maybe my friend Moon is the chosen one, she is beautiful and she believes in magic. But I’m defiantly not the one.” Star said, feeling both happy and disappointed.

Star took the painting. But something peculiar happened. “My, my hands are disappearing!” Star screamed. Before the store-keeper could reply, Star disappeared into the painting entirely…

Chapter 3

“Ahhhhhh!!!!!!” Star screamed as she fell deeper and deeper into the sea. She struggled to get to the surface but something caught by the arm. It was a girl with long dark brown hair and shiny silvery eyes.

“Where are you going? You know you can breathe in the water, right? What’s …” the girl suddenly gasped. “Wait a second, are you Star? Why are you here?” she asked.

“Moon?! I’m just going to ask you the same question! Why are you here? I’m the chosen one!” Star screamed, suddenly found out that she can breathe and speak under water. “I can breathe under water?’ she gasped, the feeling of breathing water is great!

“But I’m the chosen one from the prophecy!” Moon cried, “Father told me when I was only four! I belong to Atlantis, I have magic and I’m special and beautiful!”

Star doesn’t know what to say. She can’t believe that the store-keeper lied to her. “Take me to your father, Moon, I want him to explain the whole thing about you in the prophecy and why don’t you tell me!”

Moon said nothing but do as she told. She leads Star in to a small but beautiful house made of wood. “Father, please tell my friend Star the prophecy. She thinks she’s the chosen one.” Moon said to a man in a long blue jacket and purple pants.

“Is she Star?! Okay, I will explain the prophecy to you and tell you what the truth is.” The man said, he opens a small and old scroll, and starts reading:

“A dark force called ‘Disbelief’ is coming,

Coming to destroy Atlantis in to pieces.

Only a girl with the purest heart and power,

Can find the memory rock and clear the diseases.

“Find the memory rock on the highest mountain,

Where the birds sings lovely songs.

It’s a place for only the purest hearts,

And this is the place where they belongs.”

“See?” Moon teased, “I have the purest magic in Atlantis, the Dream magic. Do you even have magic?”

Star felt something burning inside her. She can’t control it anymore, her fingers starts to glow silver. A pair of white wings begins to grow from her back. She felt magic rushing out of her like crazy. Before she even notices, an invisible hand caught Moon’s neck and squeezed tightly. Another hand caught Star’s neck too.

“That’s, that’s the purest magic!” Moon’s father cried, “When you hurt others, you will get yourself hurt too! Stop this immediately! Or you will both hurt…” Before he finishes his sentence, both girls fell silently on the seabed…

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Reihaneh – 2 June 2020

Good story

Eclipse – 7 December 2019

This is a breath-taking story : )

Eclipse – 8 December 2018

Where are you from?

meh – 3 December 2018

This is a beautiful story... I love it