Trail of Rose and Jasmine

Written by DD

I feel his fingernails dug deep into my skin, leaving crescent marks. The smell of the roses and jasmine that grew all over the cliff wafted into my nose. Tears slid down my face. I tried to cling on to him. ‘Daniel!’ I cried out, I never felt so desperate. He gave me a watery smile and I felt my tummy dropped. ‘You can’t just give up! I need you!’ I sobbed. He put an object in my hand,
gave me one last smile and he plunged deep down into the black darkness below…

I woke up, gasping for breath. Salty moisture lingered on my skin. I wiped it all away. This must be about the fifth time I dreamt about him, and every time it ended the same way, no matter how hard I tried we were always separated. I don’t even know who he was but I already felt this tangible connection. I sighed. There is probably no way I would ever get to meet him though. Perhaps it was my imagination that was playing tricks again.

‘Rosalie! It’s time for school! Your going to be late!’ my twin, Rovena, called out from the other side of our connecting bedroom door. She can easily be the best twin sister ever, but sometime it’s hard being in her shadow all the time. She’s very girly and rarely speaks but people swarm around her like a moth trying to find fire. Me? I’m more talkative and people enjoyed being around me but I was always over-shadowed by her.

‘Coming!’ I called out. I clipped on a white rose hairpin on my wavy brunette hair. Roses and Jasmines are my favourite flowers, though most people preferred roses with the colour red, I prefer white roses to it. Grabbing my backpack I quickly ran through the door. Weirdly I smelt a hint of roses mingle with jasmine just like in the dreams…

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Arya – 25 May 2021


Reihaneh – 23 May 2020


Bluejay Smith – 22 March 2017

Very well done, though I now want to read the rest, so, part 2?

Margaret – 18 April 2016

you should continue your book it is very interesting.

Hannah Begley – 21 May 2014

I love it! Very suspenseful. I love roses and jasmines too!