Wednesday, 3 February, 2021

If I could be a grown-up for one day....

In Cornelia's book "The Thief Lord", thirteen-year-old Scipio is desperate to ride the magical merry-go-round to grow older. If you had the chance to take a ride as well, if you could be a grown-up for just one day, what would you do?

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1) Lotta Kokkonen from Finland
"I'm sixteen and I don't really wish to be grown-up any sooner than when I'll really be. There don't seem to be that many things that I can't do as I am. Becoming a grown-up like that wouldn't make me a better writer at all, and neither would it help me find out what kind of a profession I'd like to learn: what I need is experience, not looks. Traveling abroad would be nice, though, if I had the money. No one would suspect anything then. I would go to Japan. But one day wouldn't be enough for that. But if I had the chance, I'd try it anyway. It would be super interesting, changing like that!  I really liked answering this question."



2) Ingrid, 10 years old, from Colorado Springs
"If I were a grown-up for one day I would go hiking or something daring as if that were my last day to be alive! Such as just going mountain climbing to enjoy the outdoors, be around nature, and have fun! Maybe even cliff diving...."



3) Emily Mussey, 12 years old, from Virginia
"I would go to all the places that I couldn't go until I was an adult."



4) Rebecca Phillips, 13 years old, from Millbrook, Alabama
"If I could be a grown-up for just one day, now this is just my idea, I would go around town and do all of the things I had been told not to do because I was a kid."



5) Nicole from Canada
"If I was a grown-up I would definitely want to try things I can't do as a kid now, like driving or maybe even doing whatever I want!"



6) Kate, 16 years old, from Oregon
"There isn't really anything that I'd want to do, that I can't do now as a kid. I mean, maybe I'd like to dress up like I'm from medieval times and tell children stories in the park. Or travel to another country. Besides that I don't really know. It's sort of a difficult question."



7) Butsarapan Khositkhanin, 14 years old, from Thailand
"I used to want to be a grown-up, because my family wasn't good. My mom always hit my heart with her "knife-word" and my dad didn't come home. But now, if anybody asking me to ride the magical merry-go-round, I actually deny immediately. I'm learning to understand my life, attend many wonderful things that children can do, have fun with my good friend and someday that I'm grown up, I'll make a good family for my children."



8) Mohini, 14 years old, from Virginia
"Though I would love to be a grown-up soon, part of me wants to be a child again.
I am at that midpoint where I could change the direction of my whole life. If I could be an adult for one day, I would try driving, vote, and go on jury duty. I would be a teacher and try to touch everyone I met that day's lives.  I would try to get an enriching, whole experience while helping others. This is what I would do."



9) Venezia, 16 years old, from Greece
"I want to be a lot of things when I grow up. I want to be a good daughter. I want to be a good friend.  A good wife and mother, possibly. And I want to make my dreams come true on my own. Because no matter how much I love the crazy worlds of fiction real life is another adventure and it would be such a disappointment if I don't follow the lead of my favourite characters. Kids that fight to save their lives, those of their family and friends. No matter what I do I want to do it with my strength and my worth. I want to be like them."



10) Erin, 13 years old, from Canada
"If I could be an adult for a day I would go see some cool movies that my parents wouldn’t let me see, and trust me there are A LOT of movies I can’t see."



11) Evangeline, 12 years old, from Riverdale, Maryland
"At the moment, I'm not sure, but if I was already an adult I would ride the merry-go-round the other way so I could be a child for a day. I think I would like a day when didn't have to worry about my job or my taxes or anything else that adults worry about. It's nice to be small sometimes."



12) Meggie, 13 years old, from Australia
"If I were adult for a day, I would do all the things I had been told not to do “Because I was too young!” It’d be great... but I don’t want to be an adult any sooner than I have to!"



13) Alise Herndon, 14 years old, from Jacksonville, Florida
"If I could step onto the magical merry-go-round, and be transformed from a teenager to an adult, I would try to touch people's hearts in any way I could. It's so difficult to do that as a child - if you try to reach people through media, you become stereotyped by the public, and I would imagine the pressure from your peers, and maybe your producers (if you have them) is enough to make you adopt the images that people reflect upon you. So I would try to inspire people. But perhaps the key to inspiration is to rise above the pressures formerly mentioned, and to go above and beyond without having the advantage of maturity."



14) Nika, 13 years old, from Canada
"I wouldn't want to be grown up. In fact, I don't want to grow up at all. I like being a kid, the only thing I dislike is that I don't get a lot of freedom. But other than that, I'd like to stay 13 forever. All the bravest heroes and heroines are aged 11 to 14, and I haven't had an adventure yet. But I want to be a kid when I do!"



15) Brendan, 13 years old, from Maryland
"If I could be an adult for a day, I would make an impact. When you’re young, you’re barely respected among your peers, let alone society as a whole. I would do anything and everything in my power to do what is right. For personal enjoyment, I would go to Venice. The Thief Lord has created a burning desire to go where Scipio, Prosper, Bo, and the rest of the crew traversed, running errands or just keeping themselves occupied. I would get lost in the aromas of the sea, along with the enticing smells of food wafting out restaurants and homes. I would be lulled to sleep by the gentle lapping of the water against the cold stones. I would live life to the fullest."



16) Hannah, 13 years old, from Alabama
"If I could be a grown-up, then I would make a difference in the world. I would give hope to the hopeless and I would tell children that they were the voice of the world,
so sing."



17) Marina, 32 years old, from Brazil
"Well, I'm already a grown-up, I'm 32 years old, but love Cornelia's books and many other children's books. Sometimes I wish I was older, just to find out what is going to happen to me, and to see how my kid would be in the future... I'm really anxious!
But nowadays what I really wanted was to be a child all over again. They are happy unworried people, whose only preoccupations are to play, eat and sleep. That's a good life, isn't it? Meanwhile... I'll keep reading and travelling with Cornelia's and other excellent stories! Cheers, Marina"



18) Hannah, 13 years old, from Alabama
"If I could be a grown-up for a day, I would find my Dad and tell him how much I missed him. Then I'd show him how much my mom missed him, and we'd all be together again. I know it's a bit of a fantasy, but so is being a grown-up for only a day."



19) Natalie, 12 years old, from Florida
"A Grown-Up for a day, to be an adult for a day - why is that the wish among kids?
To be older, puh-lease, nothing is more overrated!

To work with no recess, in a cramped office building, to come home to relax, and find a mailbox stuffed with bills. To find that the interest on your credit is rapidly increasing, to find that your stock in the market is rapidly decreasing. And all you want to do is just find a moment away from it all, your To-Do and To Give Money To lists are steadily growing, longer, and longer, and longer.....

Because you see, as a grown-up, it all comes back to that. Money, moo-lah, the cha-ching of cash. How much you earn in a day, how much you need to pay for everything. To adults, it's where their problems start and end, and they've come obsessed trying to control it. I would never, ever wish upon a magic lamp or star, to be one of those rigid, straight, no-smile people. Because that would be a waste of a wish.

But as a kid, your only money concern is the quarter you found on the ground. As a child you're free, light, happy, living in jubliee, almost so much that you soar up with wings! Everyday's a spring frolic, everyday just a cakewalk. No worrying about stock, just playing in the backyard-park.

So much could be learned, from little children. If only the adults would look. But, as I've said, a blind eye is turned to the carefree jaunty nature. When stuck inbetween, the two like I am now, I wish I was closer to the first than the other. I wish I was closer to the happy-go-lucky, than the nonconforming. But time is ticking, with a clock and a tick. Being a teen will come to me within a few mere months, and that is perfectly fine with me. (But what worries me is what happens when I reach 20.)"



20) Alexandra Smith, 11 years old, from Colorado
"If I were a grown up, their would be several ups and downs.
One of the ups would be getting to do whatever you may like without pleading to a grown because for that day, you are the grown up. One of the downs would be not having anyone to take care of you like feeding you, taking care of you, and helping you make the write decisions."



21) Mackenzie Todd, 10 years old, from Littleton, Colorado
"If I were an adult for one day I guess I would go on a shopping spree. Or maybe even go to an autograph signing of Cornelia Funke. Some people think that being a kid is a lot more fun, but you can do way more things when your an adult like write a book, have kids, or even go on a trip to Hawaii. I've always wanted to go to Hawaii.
It is a dream of mine and that is why I cant wait to be an adult."



22) Katie Kesselman, 10 years old, from Littleton, Colorado
"If I could be a grown up for just one day, I would be a surgeon to see what their life was like. I want to see if my future plans, (to have a stay-at-home husband with 2 kids,) will work out.  Being a surgeon is my all time dream.  Kids are sweet, fun, energetic, adorable packages ready to be opened and released into the world. 
I want to open that package and keep my dream to become a surgeon. I would watch my kid go from an oblivious ball to the world, to a grown woman.  If I could be a grown up for one day, I would see if my future plans work out."



23) Mila Kania, 11 years old, from  Littleton, Colorado
"If I could be a grown up for a day I would think that it would quite overwhelming not knowing what to. There would be so many things to do and see. I think that I would start my day by asking my parents what there favorite things to do are. Then, I'd ask them if they would go with me to visit the places I can't go now. In conclusion, I would personally like to wait as long as I can to become an adult because being a kid is amazing and it lasts quite a bit less time then being an adult."



24) Elli, 10 years old, from Colorado
"If I could be a grown up for a day I would do a lot. First, I would go to the bank and get a lot of money so I could go downtown and explore; if I found something I liked I would buy it. I would also do things that I am not allowed to do as a kid. I might even try to drive. Then I would buy the pair of shoes I am not allowed to buy. As you can see I would do a lot as a grown up."



25) Ksenia, 13 years old, from Russia
"If I could be a grown up for a day I would visit many cities , for example, London, Venice, New York and etc. I would do many useful things for all people in the world.
I would do many things if I grown up, but I want to be a child, because it is beautiful thing in the world."



26) Anne, 11 years old, from Canada
"If I could be a grown up for a day I would send my poems story's, things that I have written off to publishers, because right now I am too scared to do that! But to tell you the truth, I am not in a big hurry to grow up."



27) Isabel, 12 years old, from Massachusetts
"If I were a grown-up for one day I'd have a conversation with every adult who's not listened to me because I'm a kid. I'd be able to disagree with my teachers and other adults without them looking at me like I'm a toad with no brain. I'd also do things that grown-ups tell me not to do. But I don't really want to grow up. Being a kid is fun."


28) Grace, 11 years old, from Klaipeda, Lithuania
" If I was a grown-up for just one day, I would go to a little house on an island and paint, read, and listen to music, all on my own."


Clementine Tetzlaff on 4 March, 2021

That was so lovely! Made my day.

Aashvi Dahiya from 3rd C on 26 February, 2021

I love to read you stories. My best one was 'The Thief Lord'☺️

Lunalia on 18 February, 2021

Aw, that was really beautiful reading through those

Diana on 4 February, 2021

Growing up means regretting the past!

Srija Poddar on 19 January, 2021